There's always an ongoing debate going on whether which out of the two, Android or iOS, is better when it comes to functionality. While we surely don't want to take stands, but we can for sure say one thing, that the new Google Pixel C tablet from Google is actually capable of giving Apple's iPad a run for its money. Here's why!

The first thing that attracts a customer to the new Google Pixel C is its slim and compact aluminum build that manages to feel sturdy at the same time. Its optional Bluetooth keyboard is like an icing on the cake and is equally solid. It even doubles up as its cover and has a powerful battery life.

For those still wondering what does the C in Google Pixel C stands for, it stands for "convertible". It emphasises on the device's two-in-one design. That means, on its own it's a tablet, but with a keyboard, it turns into a laptop in one go.


The brand new instalment from the tech giant is capable of running all the latest versions of Android and gives a performance that is lightning fast. Adding to all this, the tablet's screen is remarkably bright, colorful and sharp, and gaming graphics manage to look magnificent on the tablet.



Priced at a decent $500 for the 32GB model and $600 for the 64GB version, the tablet is a good bet for people looking for a powerful tablet for work. Its accompanying keyboard is expected to cost around $149.


With Google Pixel C tablet, it's the first time that the tech giant has taken up the plunge to build its own model from the scratch. Earlier times have seen Google releasing Android tablets in partnership with tech companies like HTC and Asus.

According to various tech enthusiasts, one of the most important things that makes Google Pixel C different from others in the market is its optional Bluetooth keyboard. The main keys of the keyboard are almost full-sized, and the tab and enter keys have been intentionally sized down. Further, typing on it doesn't feel as cramped as with other Bluetooth keyboards.

The magnificent tablet measures a 9.53 by 7.05 by 0.28 inches (242 by 179 by 7mm) and weighs just 18.24 ounces (517g). It also comes with a USB Type-C port in place of a Micro-USB and runs on operating system, 6.0 Marshmallow.

Pixel C is sadly not available in India however it can be bought in countries - Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

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