Making the life's of thousands and thousands of suppliers and buyers out there easier is a Pune based startup called KisanServ. Wholesale markets or mandis are an important part of the businesses of these people but in today's fast paced life, going to a distant mandi isn't always feasible. This is where KisanServ comes into the picture. Instead of a buyer going to the mandi and wasting his precious time stuck in traffic and engaging in futile negotiations, with KisanServ, the mandi comes to them.

KisanServ claims to be a first of a kind virtual mandi platform which aims to make procurement transactions between buyers and suppliers much more transparent and convenient than before.

Procurement has always been a task for as long as businesses have existing. This is majorly because of the lack of transparency and a lot of inconvenience in scheduling these procurements. It’s difficult to go to a mandi every day and ensure that you get the best price every time. Further, there is no guarantee that the deal that you think is good is actually the best deal in the market.

KisanServ increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement system by bringing together the wholesale buyers/suppliers to a common platform that too at the comfort of their home/office.

The platform works in a very simple way. Buyers are required to login, create an indent and then open it for “live” bidding. Once that's open, suppliers are notified about the same and they in exchange quote their price. During the close of bidding, the buyer chooses to go with the supplier with the price that is most suitable for them and confirms the order.

In order to make things easier, the platform comes with a KisanServ dashboard that helps the members to keep a track of their buying patterns so that they can reflect back on them as and when required to take better decisions in the future. Further, the Buyers/suppliers are also ranked are per their service on the platform. According to some members of the platform, their costs have fallen by an average of upto 15 to 20% by using KisanServ.

Praveen, Niranjan, Arun, co-founded the startup with thought that the farmers should also get their much deserved due by being able to sell their produce directly to the traders and getting a good price in return for their hard work. They strongly believe that the Agribusiness should also be open to “unlimited” trading. i.e. it should be assessable to unlimited Buyers and Suppliers throughout India. KisanServ is their effort in achieving all the above.

KisanServ launched their first product on 28th June this year and started with their paid membership drive in Aug end 2015. Currently, they have a total of 200 registered members in Pune, Nashik, Mumbai and Delhi which is growing at a good rate of 30-40% per month.

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