Bangalore's Cropin Is Applying Cloud Technology in Agribusiness Sector

Agribusiness as a sector is still emerging and evolving in India and Cropin Technologies is one of the leading players in this sector. The startup has an aim of using the advancements in the field of Information Technology on the agribusiness sector. The company has been successful in achieving a safer and efficient food supply chain for consumers all over the world. It was able to do so by putting up a network of ERP and BI solutions that different stakeholders of the agriculture supply chain use and update on a regular basis. This process allows a greater visibility for every participant of the process and ensures safety and superior quality of food for the consumers.

With other advance IT technologies Cropin is using a cloud-based platform to empower the Indian farmer by making every crop traceable so that harvested crops meet best global agricultural practices.

Bangalore based Cropin Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd was founded by Krishna Kumar in August 2010. Krishna left his lucrative job at GE and soon Kunal Prasad a childhood friend and classmate of Kumar joined him after completing his MBA as COO. The startup was founded with an aim of making every farm traceable but within six months the company realized that this idea wasn't feasible as farmers who were the primary stakeholder in the supply chain did not have the means to pay them the amount that was required to sustain the tracing and tracking capabilities of the farm. So, the company decided to sell their idea of traceability of farms to the companies who procured from the farmers on regular basis. This idea became an instant hit and the CropIn wasn't only able to provide benefits to the buyers but also to the farmers and that too in a sustainable way.

The startup with its cloud and mobile based approach works to simplify the complex operational challenges in farm management. The CropIn solution connects companies with all their farms and provides mobility to Farm Field force.

As the solution provided by Cropin is cloud based, thus it is rendered on cell phones and farmers can easily use voice or video to communicate and collaborate with experts to report or to seek input on an issue. They can talk in their local language or better still, upload a picture taken from their cell phone to explain the issue at hand.

It also acts as a friendly platform for farm managers and farmers to interact and react with each other. The technology used allows extensive farm data collection. This data is further backed with rich analytics for quick decision making.

The company is looking forward to take its tracing capabilities to the next level. It is making use of big data and analytics in order to create next generation intelligent systems and agriculture practices which keep learning from the past. The company is also considering using the Google glass for reporting capabilities and information capture and also toying with UAVs to evaluate whether the solution can be envisaged to map the areas under cultivation more effectively.

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