WeTravelSolo - On reading the company's name, many might infer that I'm talking about just another travel company in the town offering travel packages for different locations. Well, those who have already inferred this, are going to be left real disappointed, as Wetravelsolo is not a quintessential Travel Company.

Noida based WeTravelSolo focuses on making its users meet like-minded people in real life, through travel. The startup claims to be India's first online Solo Traveler Community, which organizes special interest Tours for Solo Travelers. Bridging the divide between the ever increasing online and offline world of people.

In the 21st century, as we starting growing up, we slowly slowly become so much self-occupied and caught up in our own lives that the social circle of our real life starts depleting, while the online one starts increasing at a good pace. Wetravelsolo was founded with an intention of curbing this very disorder of the fast-paced lives that we live in nowadays.

Traveling is considered as one of the most effective methods to meet new people with least inhibitions. We all have the urge to travel. While in some it's clearly visible, others have successfully been able to hide the itch under some or the other worldly pleasure like money, work etc.

In this 21st century world, it's no less than a task to find like-minded people to travel with you. Even if you're successful in finding some, it's highly unlikely that they would all want to travel with you at the same time, to the same place and in the same way as you want. www.Wetravelsolo.com solves this very problem of the current generation.

While Solo Traveling might look and sound very glamorous outside, it is very boring and difficult task in real. Further, whether people agree or not, even while traveling solo, most of us are looking for ways to meet new people. So, the Wetravelsolo.com team came out with a quick and permanent solution for this travelling problem. The startup helps connect solo travelers with other solo travelers and then lets them travel solo together with each other thus taking care of your on trip Experience.

The startup aims to build a Community for the Solo Travelers. It wishes to accomplish the same by joining the three aspects of the statement, Solo, Travel and Community with the power of technology.

Their main focus is to empower every traveler by the following aspects:
a. He/She can travel solo.
b. For every Solo Traveler, there is a community which connects with you and your passion for traveling.
c. Giving hand crafted budget, experiential or backpacking trips by other influential travelers.

With such a unique concept at hand, receiving funding hasn't been that much of a task for the company. They have received Seed funding from Frontline Strategy Limited, a Mauritius based investment company and . Ccube Angels, a Singapore based angel investors community. Both the investors have acquired a minority stake in the startup.

[caption id="attachment_102501" align="alignleft" width="275"]Shefali Walia Shefali Walia[/caption]

WeTravelSolo was founded in the year 2014 by Shefali Walia, an MBA from Amity University. She was born and bought up in Ambala and moved to Delhi in 2008 after joining Amity University for her MBA. After completing MBA, she joined New Look Skin Care (New Look Laser Clinics) in marketing department. She has handled business and marketing strategy for growth of different reputed organizations till the time she came up with the idea of WeTravelSolo.

The current figures suggest quite a promising path ahead for the company. According to the figures, the startup has already been able to be build a strong community of 30000 Solo Travelers within such a short span of time. Further, their Community Mangers are talking to close to about 100 of Solo Travelers Daily.

The startup's immediate future plans includes coming up with their own Mobile Application which can prove to be a huge game changer for them and the travelling community.

So, if you always had the urge to travel but didn't have a group of like minded individuals to travel with, you now know where to follow your traveling passion.

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