Silky Cup, a female wellness startup incubated by Huddle, a Gurgaon based sector-agnostic incubator, is being provided acceleration support by HealthStart.

Silky cup is made to improve hygiene for women with a key focus on areas around India where there is limited access to sanitation and basic needs for women. Therefore, Silky Cup is a reusable and highly cost-effective product that is made keeping in mind the well-being of women, as well as providing an environmentally friendly alternative.

A menstrual Silky Cup offers many advantages such as sleeping well, visiting the pharmacy less, holds more liquid, wards off rashes, lightens your purse requires less changing, saves money, allows for an extra five hours in between changes, cause you to suffer fewer leaks. Silky Cup can easily manage heavy bleeding, irregular periods, prolonged menstrual periods and perimenopause.

Silky Cup provides 12 hours of leak-free protection. Silky Cup offers up to 12 hours of hassle-free day and night menstrual care and covers your heaviest to lightest menstrual flow. Silky Cup is ideal for women of all shapes and sizes. Silky Cup keeps you clean, dry and super active throughout periods. Ideal for all daily activities such as playing sports, traveling, swimming, cycling, diving, trekking, caving, dancing, climbing, bowling, walking, driving, sitting and sleeping; now no more odors, wetness, stains, itching or leaking during periods. Hole-less Menstrual Silky Cups are designed for higher capacity, so now you don't need to awake till midnights. No more leakage; even you don't feel its presence! Periods of care made easy. Travel, exercise, play sports, dance and swim with no fear of leaks during your periods. Silky Cup can hold up to 30 ml discharge during periods, which is 3 times more than tampons or pads can absorb. Silky Cup is easy to insert, remove and use. Silky Cup is a reusable and washable feminine hygiene product.

Gurinder, who is the founder, came up with this product post his travels around India and realizing the need for such a product mainly in tier 2/3 and rural areas.

Gurinder was born in Delhi in 1972 and his family hails from Amritsar.

He holds a commerce degree from Delhi University and was an avid sportsman during his college years. Post college, Gurinder studied textile and garment technologies and set up his own silk fabrication factory in 1995. He possesses more than 20 years of experience in silk manufacturing, import, and distribution PAN India.

In 2013, Gurinder read an article in TOI about 42 school-going girls in Amritsar who resorted to using old socks, ash, and sawdust during their menstrual cycle. This greatly exposed them to vaginal infections that could severely deteriorate their health. Discouraged by their plight, Gurinder extensively researched the field of menstrual hygiene and found that this problem was widespread in India. Existing solutions were either inaccessible or too expensive for the masses. During this study, he stumbled upon the concept of menstrual cups. While these were reusable, they were expensive, not easily available and lacked authentic health certifications. Determined to solve this problem, Gurinder started his own line of menstrual cups, known as Silky Cup. He created a safe, reusable, easy to dispose of, comfortable and hygienic solution that would uniquely cater to the Indian demographic.

Silky Cup has been distributed PAN India since 2015 and close to 90,000 units have been sold thus far.

Huddle, a co-working the incubator was founded in 2017 by Mr. Sanil Sachar & Mr. Ishaan Khosla. They fulfill the needs of a variety of segments, including start-ups, SMBs, and corporates, by providing a flexible workspace, convenient accessibility, and proximity to clientele. It not only offers an office space but a dynamic destination where people from different fields of startups come together, works together and grows together. An incubator with a core focus on mentorship, Huddle brings together start-ups and industry leaders, to provide intellectual, social and financial capital for each Huddler.

Huddle is a leading sector-agnostic incubator working with startups across industries and 7 different cities in India, with the primary focus of working closely with the founders of each venture and supporting them through the business functions that require assistance in order to get them to the next stage of their business life cycle.

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