sRide a new carpool app, is the first of it's kind. sRide connects riders and car owners to help commuters save money, reduce traffic, stay green and possibly earn friend.

Targeted at everyday office going people, Pune-based sRide is making entire carpooling experience seamless using cutting edge technology under the hood cutting. Making a commute easier, cheaper and safer. sRide, follows the motto of 'Connect on the go', share a ride, share a moment, and save money at the same time. It's a personal carpool tool - an easy way to find safe and friendly ride partners based on your social networks, and bring about a lifestyle change moving away from self-owned automobile dependency to shared services and active transportation.

sRide also claims to be the 1st carpool app in India to do cashless transaction for carpooling. Integrated with payTM, it gives user choice to pay through payTM rather than doing all cash transaction hassle.

sRide was launched in Pune in April 2015 and the startup claims that its user base is growing at 400 per cent every month. Currently present in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, sRide has more than 25000 active users and many of its power users use sRide on a daily basis on both side.

[caption id="attachment_101873" align="alignleft" width="218"]Lakhsna Jha Lakhsna Jha[/caption]

sRide is the brainchild of Lakshna Jha, a women Entrepreneur.She is an MBA from Columbia Business School and worked as a technology leader for leading technology companies. Lakshna strongly believes that we need to improve our commute experience while reducing the number of cars on the road.

"Think of sRide as a revolution in the world of carpooling: your one-stop (pun intended) shop to find a ride when you are on the go. sRide is touting as Facebook of transportation," said Lakshna.

sRide is self-funded and bootstrapped startup which, in March'15, got investment of around $1.5 million from private investors (friends & family).

By using technology to make sharing rides easier, sRide is creating a new transportation option for community that's saves people money, reduces the number of cars on the road and cuts pollution.

sRide does something else that not many companies can claim to do: bring different people physically together, and foster the opportunity for them to really get to know each other especially in a world when everybody is glued to their phones, breaking down cultural barriers and connecting people in a real way.

sRide differentiators -

  • Safety- Verification of all profiles for company name else company name is shown UNVERIFIED on profile

  • Every trip has to be reviewed so social feedback loop

  • Matching is done by complex propriety algorithm

sRide is said to be driven by smart analytics and has a patent based recommendation engine that recommends rides to people based on their earlier preferences. Users get automatic notifications for their regular rides as well.

sRide competes with other car pooling players operating in India such as BlaBlaCar, Tripda, Orahi and Ziffy. While Brazilian firm Tripda has raised close to USD 11 million in two different rounds of funding, Hyderabad-based Ziffy raised total of around USD 190K.

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