The nature has given us so many wonderful things and now it's our time to return the favor. Don't know how to do that? Don't worry, people at RidingO have it all figured out for you.

More than 88,00,000 empty car seats occupy the narrow roads of seven large cities in India as everyone prefers having a private car for themselves. RidingO has an aim of filling these empty car seats and saving the nature of all the pollution and the citizens of all the congested roads.

Currently operating only in Bangalore, RidingO provides an online platform that allows people from reputed companies to carpool or safely share rides in their car with other people with a similar background by making use of a patent-able route matching algorithm. In order to remove the awkwardness of cash exchange between strangers, RidingO allows passengers and drivers split the cost of the trip using an innovative fuel based payment system.

RidingO is absolutely free to register and use and also have an Ridingo for Andriod users. The platform only charges 5 to 20 percent service charge to the owner of the car when ride rewards are given.

Best thing about Ridingo is that you don't need smartphones or internet once registered, all you have to do is just use a phone to give a missed call to use Ridingo. With Ridingo, only people working in reputed companies get in and women rides with friends or women only.

Ridingo provides an online rewards system for the vehicle owners. Passengers buy Ridingo Coins online and, Car owners get these Coins on ride completion. These coins can then be redeemed for fuel and other items. Ridingo charge a 5% to 20% service charge to the Car owner when Ride Rewards are given.

RidingO is a mobile and cloud based solution for ride sharing. The company wants to transform the idea of carpooling from an ideal but rare practice to a preferred and practical way of commute for citizens of India. In order to make this possible, they are working out round the clock to work out a safe and mutually beneficial cost effective car sharing system for car owners and passengers.

With its office in Bangalore's NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, RidingO is a New Delhi based product startup and result of hardwork from its three co-founders Vardhan, Srivatsan and Presha Paragash.

Vardhan is an engineer who has a Masters in Economics from Gokhale Institute. He has an experience of three years in Statistical Modeling and Analytics up his sleeve. He has worked for Citibank and Marketelligent, an analytics startup, in the past.

On the other hand, Srivatsan is an engineering graduate from Anna University and has over six years of experience in programming. Before starting RidingO, he was working in HP’s R&D division. He also has two patents in Cloud Printing technology under his kitty.

Presha is a fresh MBA graduate from Wharton University. She has also previously studied in London School of Economics and Political Science. She is an Angel investor for Zostel, a chain of backpacker hostels for young travellers.

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