A picture is said to say a thousand words. It somewhere also depicts the story and the aspirations of the photographer behind it. Every photographer aspires to do something big in his/her career but, unfortunately, most of times their dreams are just confined to a Facebook page with borrowed likes. Changing this scenario and making these amazingly creative people realise their dreams, is a Noida-based startup called Siftr.

Launched a month ago, Siftr is a machine learning based photo curation platform. The platform auto-creates photographers' website from their existing online content present on sites like Instagram, Flickr, Behance, 500px or Facebook, and presents the best photographs in a visually appealing manner.

No doubt, there are hundreds of platforms (eg. Squarespace, Smugmug, etc.) already present online which help photographers create their own websites but the whole creation process involved in these sites is very painful. Further, keeping these sites always updated and fresh with all latest photos is an extremely tough task to achieve.

This is where Siftr's self-updating capability takes the cake and sets it apart from all the other platforms. A Siftr user is never asked to upload even a single photo himself to create/update his website. The platform uses artificial intelligence to continuously analyzes all your photos online and find the best shots to create visually appealing and professional photography shots.

As a result, Siftr claims to be the World's first zero-maintenance, self-updating website.

[caption id="attachment_101898" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Screenshot og photography website createdusing Siftr platform Screenshot of a photography website created using Siftr platform[/caption]

The platform is indeed quite handy for pro photographers as Siftr eliminates the need for constant updating. One can just keep uploading new pictures on their preferred social networks and the Siftr platform automatically finds new photos and keeps adding the best ones to the website, which can then be customized according to the requirements. So, while having a client meeting a pro photographers can just bring his or her Siftr link/URL and save a lot of time collecting & curating photos.

Founded by Romil Mittal and Mayank Bhagya, Siftr was launched just 4 weeks ago and is currently fully bootstrapped. It has so far analysed more than 1 million photos.

"We haven't done any paid marketing till now, but plan to start that soon," said Romil. The founders current future plans involves keep building upon their machine learning platform and improve their photo curation algorithms.

Siftr's mission, as the co-founder of Siftr - Romil says is to help these hobbyist and serious hobbyist photographers realise their photography dream and help them get more opportunities and nurture their talent further.

The startup's main target audience are the various hobbyist and serious hobbyist photographers present out there. Due to the phenomenal rise in good quality mobile phone cameras and photography based social platforms, various people have realised their photography talent. Unfortunately though, because of have a day job in a non-photography domain, many aren't able to devote time to showcase their talent to the world.

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