A Bengaluru based startup called Sendit is aiming to provide businesses a one stop solution for all their logistics needs.

Calling itself an online logistics marketplace, is currently providing solutions for intracity movement of goods. It has a fleet of vehicles which cater to businesses on a per-demand basis.

Founded by five cofounders, Darpan Jain, Puneeth B, Pankaj Sisodia, Gaurav Jain and Naveen Bagrecha, the startup, which is currently in just 4th month of its operation is already doing around 1000 orders/ month. They have been operational in Bangalore since mid-June and have recently step foot in the Pune market. They have got a fantastic response from their customers as a result of which their revenue has increased 100 percent Month-over-Month and 60 percent of their customers are repeated users of their service.

The USP of Sendit has been the lead time of 30 minutes tha company guarantees. Flexibility to customers with payment options is another advantage that the startup provide.

The Indian logistics sector has been stagnant in terms of technological advancements for the last few decades. Currently, there is no common platform available where the end-user can interact with the transport operators. The current scenario involves the user interacting individually with the operators and this eventually raises a lot of pricing, trust and customer experience issues. On the other end, operators also don't have any common interface to receive orders. This leads to transactions taking place in isolation and not enough space for effective optimization of time and resources on the operator's end. wishes to bridge this gap for users and operators and become a common platform where demand and supply can meet. According to them, with the rise in the use of mobile devices and current technological advancements, this is the perfect time for such platforms to be built.

The startup is currently Self funded as of now but talks are on with investors in advance stage.

Their current future plan includes consolidating their reach in multiple metro cities by on-boarding transport operators and gaining customer loyalty. Following which, they plan to move to actual marketplace model for intra-city logistics, and provide technology enabled services for intercity logistics.

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