largest 3d printing factory

Singapore saw the launch of Southeast Asia's largest commercial 3D printing facility in its country on Monday.

Owned by Ultra Clean Holdings (UCT), the factory which targets the aerospace and medical sectors, will provide its services to both consumers and businesses.

UCT spent close to $5 million to open the enormous 3D printin facility which currently boasts fifteen 3D printers to start, meant to provide services for clients in the aerospace and medical industries. Their mission with the Singapore factory is to have much more rapid access to their clients in Asia.

According to a blog post by Lavi Lev, senior vice president for Asia at UCT, the factory was initially launched in November, 2014 in a semi-operational state.

The now fully operational facility will now be able to print in 17 materials. This includes the precious ones like gold and brass.

Further, the blogpost also revealed that UCT decided to invest in the facility because they believe there's a lot that can still be done on the "serious" side of 3D printing. According to the firm, there's much more that can be done on the manufacturing end of 3D printing and for businesses such as construction sites, factories, and home parts suppliers such as washing machine makers etc., that rely on the production of such parts.

In order to achieve its this aim of a bright future for 3D printing, UCT decided to increase its 3D printing capabilities in Singapore. Further, this would also help them in reaching the manufacturers in Asia faster.

Outside of Singapore, the California-headquartered and Nasdaq-listed firm that provides contract manufacturing services including machining, welding and assembly, has five offices in the United States, two facilities in Shanghai, and one in the Philippines.

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