Online videos are the new trend in India. While videos have always remained a part of our lives, it's only in the recent times that videos have become such an important part of our social networking. This trend can be attributed to the huge presence and success of various Vloggers on these social media sites like Superwoman, The Viral Fever and AIB. I Think, every Indian must be well aware of these video celebrities who have become a hit with the nation in the recent past, all because of their viral videos on various topics.

This fact has now been authenticated by a new survey. The survey was done over April to June this year and covered 5,000 mobile video viewers in Middle East, India and South East Asia. The survey results revealed that Whatsapp is the most popular medium in India to share videos, followed by Facebook coming at a close second.

The survey was carried by Vuclip Global Video. Vuclip is one of the leading premium mobile video on demand services for emerging markets.

According to the survey, about 51% respondents of the survey revealed that they shared their videos mostly via Whatsapp, 45% did it on Facebook and just a mere 15% made use of Google+. These figures highlight the increasing popularity of instant messaging platforms and social networks among the Indian citizens. Further, about a fifth of the survey respondents shared videos at least once a week while 14% revealed that they shared videos at least once a month.

"People respond to this powerful combination by sharing. This has been the key driver for the tremendous organic growth and consumer driven adoption of mobile videos in the emerging markets that we operate in," said, Arun Prakash, COO, Vuclip, in a statement to a national daily.

As more and more Indians embrace smartphones, content and video quality have become the key factors in driving video shares on mobiles, which is itself increasing, a trend that is similar to the one prevalent in emerging markets like Middle East and South East Asia. About 49% of respondents surveyed used Android Operating System (OS) based devices, while 40% used feature phones and some 4% used other OS based devices like iOS, Windows and Blackberry etc.

High video quality, followed by quality content and celebrity appeal and popularity of the video, were the top three criteria for sharing videos for Indian Consumers.

While Indians prefer WhatsApp, the citizens of Philippines (70%), Indonesia (66%) and Thailand (61%) voted Zuckerberg's Facebook as the most preferred medium for video sharing. In markets such as Indonesia and UAE, the 140 characters, Twitter, acquired the second position for the most preferred medium for mobile video sharing.

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