What if I tell you that you can now create your own phone? You would consider that I'm crazy but fortunately, this crazy idea could soon become a reality, all thanks to Seeed Studio's RePhone kit.

The RePhone kit helps one to create his/her own phone within a few minutes. The kit provides slim modules, customizable phone enclosures and accessible software to help the users build their dream phones. Open source components like RePhone Core GSM + BLE module or RePhone Core 3G model are also made available, which can even help the user to add cell connection to his/her phone.

To some of you, this modular phone might reminds you of Google’s much-awaited Project Ara modular phone however it is not open source like RePhone.

The kit also comes with 8 more modules, apart from the above stated core modules. – a 5×7 LED board, a NFC board, a GPS board, a 1.54-inch touch screen, an audio board, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, a GSM breakout board and a basic sensor board.


All these above mentioned modules can be hooked together with a varied choice of connectors like FPC ribbon cable, soldered wires etc.

The kit also offers its customers a rich library for hooking into Arduino IDE, JavaScrip and Lua. It also comes with detailed examples to teach everyone how to develop things in an easy way. They also provide a complete SDK based on Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers in order to help them work with complex applications.


For those who are not very well versed with programming, the kit comes with an easy drag and drop feature for files for them. One just needs to download them online and put them in their RePhone.

Along with the the RePhone modular smartphone kit, the user also gets a very cool Kraft paper foldable case. The user can make her their own RePhone, call their friends and listen to music. Further, by connecting it to IFTT, one can even setup logic to convert it as an IoT device.

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