In this ever busy, fast paced world, we're trying too hard for making ends meet that we often forget the important moments in our life like our parents anniversary, our best friend's first day at work etc. In situations like these one can always make use of some extra help which will make sure that we never ever forget anything and are always on time for every occasion. Providing such help in the 21st century is RingABell.

RingABell is a new free mobile app that lets one set free reminders to their friends smartphone that will ring off at the time and date specified by you and remind the other person to complete the specified task right on time.

More specifically, the app lets you set free reminders to your friends phone that rings off at the time specified by you and reminds the other person to complete the task. Simply add a Reminder with a title, date, and time, and reminder will be sent using push notification to the selected contact at the date and time you specify. Now no need to call or text others to complete the tasks. The app also has calendar to list all scheduled tasks with details of incoming and outgoing reminders.

Developed by Noida-based startup Share2People, RingABell is extremely user friendly as it's extremely easy to understand and use. Currently available on Android app store, RingABell can come as huge relief from all the money and time we used to waste in making those uncountable calls and texts to our friends in order to remind them to complete a particular task. RingABell app will also be available for iOS and Web by the month's end.

In order to distinguish themselves from the sea and establish an identity of their own in the market, the startup also offers it customers with voice reminders. This newly introduced feature lets one send their voice as reminders which will ring in the other person's phone in order to remind them of the task that needs to be completed. RingABell provides its customers with an end to end notification system so that they can be confirmed of the task completed on the specified time.

Using the app, you can also send reminders to multiple friends at once - simply create a group and add all your favourite contacts together in a group and this will let you send reminder to all the people in your group at once.

Share2People, a company behind RingABell, has been founded by Sakshi Jain and Nimit Jain, both of whom have a background of software engineering and more than 5 yrs of work experience in the same behind them.

The startup's future plans include increasing customer traction and building strong revenue model by introducing In app purchases, coupons program and entering into the world of data analytics. The startup which hasn't received any funding till date is currently on a lookout for investors.

So, if you have a phone with a working internet, then go and make use of RingABell right away!


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