Safety is first on the priority list of many, whether men or women, while going out nowadays. Whether it's broad day light or the silent darkness at night, the alarming rate at which crimes like rape, assaults are increasing have turned the cities into fearful places where the best way to stay safe is lock yourself up in your houses and not venture out at all. While it seems like the most safe option but it is surely not a sane one for many of us who are either working or studying in order to earn our daily bread. Assuring the safety of these hard workers when they're away from their safety nests, their homes, is a safety device called SafeMate.

SafeMate is a dedicated personal safety device developed by Delhi-based MapmyIndia, a provider of digital maps, GPS navigation, and tracking. This personal safety device device can be purchased exclusively from Flipkart at Rs. 6,990.

The matchbox-sized SafeMate weighs just 50 grams in weight and can fit into a school bag, purse, or pocket very easily. The wonder safety device makes use of its built-in GPS and Internet connectivity to securely transmit live locations to a mobile phone and desktop. It also has an SOS button that can be pressed in case of an emergency. Pressing the SOS button will send email and SMS alerts to the emergency contacts designated by the person.

The SafeMate companion app is currently available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and also on the MapmyIndia website.

The thing that makes distinguishes SafeMate from the others in the market is that unlike other safety apps that make use of the mobile phone's GPS continuously, and tend to drain the phone's battery, SafeMate does not require a mobile phone, and has a battery life of three to four days.

On purchase, the device will come loaded with with Rs. 3,600 worth of SIM card connectivity charges and subscription fees. This service can then be subsequently renewed for Rs. 300 on a monthly basis, and has a separate SMS package for top ups, priced between a menial Rs. 250 to 500.

"The alarming increase in crime women and children in India spurred us into thinking about how we could use our sophisticated technology to provide safety to individuals. We wanted to keep things simple so that the technology can be used in the most stressful situation. The result is SafeMate," said Rashmi Verma, Director and Co-Founder, MapmyIndia, in a statement.

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