Are you one of those curious minds who suddenly gets an urge to know something about something or someone and want to know it right then and there at that particular time? Well, if that is how you function, then we might just have the best friend for you.

Bushlark, a Delhi based startup, is like having the super power to ask something to someone who is at a location (flea market/library/railway station or anywhere) in real time.

The platform aka App, curently in testing phase, is like a near real time location aware crowd-sourced Q&A and broadcasting platform. Nowadays, every one of us has access to smartphones and the internet and thus, each one of us has all the means for reporting/answering for a topic of interest and thus is a local reporter or local expert in his or her own way. Bushlark works by enabling users to get real time local information from these local reporters. In addition to all this, the user also has the choice of following updates for locations of his/her interest.

[caption id="attachment_101701" align="aligncenter" width="573"]Suresh Kalass & Manas Sikder, Co-Founders - Bushlark Suresh Kalass & Manas Sikder, Co-Founders - Bushlark[/caption]

Founded by Suresh Kalass, a graduate from IIT Kanpur and Manas Sikder, an IIT Kharagpur alumni, Bushlark is completey bootsrapped with fundings from family and friends. They both have also founded a software development firm called Revos Technologies. While working as sofware engineer in eRevMax Technologies, Suresh has individually contributed to Travelguru.com, a hotel booking engine. On other hand, Manas has earlier worked for companies like Reflexis Systems and TCS.

Though this unique startup currently doesn't have much active global competition for real time Q&A but they are still very different from the few of the existing competitors on three grounds. Firstly, they are investing heavily in building context and relevance engine. Secondly, their whole platform is based on incentivisation and coins in order to encourage active and relevant participation and thirdly and lastly, their algorithm of finding the right local reporters is very distinct from others in the market.

The Delhi based startup is currently in public beta and are doing their best in improving their product in order to offer the customers the best in the market. Their future plans include launching it globally with a prime focus on 8 locations.

[caption id="attachment_101702" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Bushlark App's snapshot Bushlark App's snapshot[/caption]

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