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The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, seems to have hoped on the startup bandwagon with all the gusto. On the occasion of his second Independence day speech, after assuming the office, the magnificent orator announced a new campaign, 'Start-up India; Stand up India', in order to promote bank financing for start-ups and offer incentives to boost job creation and entrepreneurship.

According to Modi, each of the 1.25 lakh bank branches in India should take the responsibility of funding at least one woman entrepreneur and one Dalit or Adivasi entrepreneur. "We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups. We must be number one in start-ups... Start-up India; Stand up India,"said Modi.

Along with the startup initiative, Modi also focused on the condition of farmers, unorganised sector, labourers and those still living in unlit villages. He even assured the public that his much talked about ambitious projects like Jandhan and Swachh Bharat schemes are right on track and being implemented in a time-bound manner.

In the speech that lasted for almost two hours, Modi, the orator, had special focus on the achievements of his 15-month-old government. He also announced his government's decision to change the name of the seven decade-old agriculture ministry to the ministry for 'Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare' in order to incorporate the needs of the farming community.

Overall, Modi's Independence speech was a big hit and received thumbs up from most of the quarters. And, as far as the Indian Startup Industry is concerned, we will just have to wait and watch what wonders does the campaign, 'Start-up India; Stand up India' has in store for India.

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