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With Entrepreneurship figuring out on the ambition list of many youngsters, the startup business can only be expected to be double and triple of what it currently is. Now, Let's take a break from the future and analyse the current scenario. While the entrepreneurship and startup business is currently at an all time high, a closer and deeper look will reveal a rather abnormal pattern. A pattern in the ownership of these startups.

There's no denying the fact that money or as we call it "capital" in technical terms, is an important aspect of starting a new business but the importation question is, how important is it? It goes something like this, you might be having a pathbreaking idea in mind but if you don't have the money or access to people who have money, your idea might just as stay with you your whole life and never see the day of light.

Don't believe us? Well, here's some food for your thought.

All the elite, successful startups that we know today, whether it is Facebook, Google or Airbnb, oe evn India unicorn startup Flipkart's founders Sachin and Binny Bansal are from IITs, all of them have their roots in some of the elitist colleges, universities of the world. All these elite colleges have a certain kind of fee which makes it difficult for middle class people and people with few resources to attend these institutes.

Secondly, people who belong to the top layer of the economic structure often have all the right contacts with all the right type of people. With startups requiring a huge capital in the start, these entrepreneurs don't have to look beyond their living rooms. Well, in most of the situations.

Thirdly and lastly, let's face it. Most of the middle class people currently stuck in their monotonous jobs, had a killer of a startup idea in their 20s but their situation at home left them a little choice to risk that all for something that might or might not be successful and earn the bread. People from a wealthy background have the luxury to take risks as they always have a wealthy cushion to fall back to if things don't go as they planned.

But, this situation is for sure changing and it is changing for good. With various Scholarships, seed funds, and incubators coming up especially targeted at those who don't come to the entrepreneurial world equipped with bank accounts and wealthy relatives, we can expect people from diverse backgrounds get their due and making it big in the entrepreneurial world. Here's hoping for equality in the entrepreneurial world!

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