Artificial intelligence has now become a part of our day to day lives like never before. Natural language processing, self driving cars are all miracles bestowed upon us by this wonderful creation of the human mind. But this particular wonder has for long been in the possession of big private companies. Well, not anymore.

Introducing Mycroft, a state of the art Artificial intelligence (A.I.) that makes use of natural language processing to respond to your voice.

The world's first open hardware, open source home A.I. platform is based on two of the world's most popular open development platforms- Arduino and Raspberry Pi 2.

With Mycroft, you will be no longer needed to reach out to your smartphone for every small need of yours. The A.I. makes online services like Spotify, Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube etc. available to its users instantly. So, for example, if you want to hear your favourite music, you just have to say the words to Mycroft and it will do it for you. The A.I. has integrated high quality speaker and is capable of playing the music directly.

Not only this, Mycroft also allows one to integrate the A.I. with their smart devices and control the Internet of Things (IoT) for them. From watering your plants to making the coffee, if it is connected to the Internet, Mycroft will do it for you.

Besides all of these, Mycroft can also double up as your Calendar, Reminders reminder, Weather forecaster and Alarm Clock etc.


Mycroft can also prove to be a boon for developers, makers and tinkerers wanting to explore their own ideas.

Joshua Montgomery - CEO, Ryan Sipes - CTO and Kristie Adair - CFO are the wonder brains behind Mycroft who are currently raising funds to make their wonderful invention a reality for the human kind. You can head to their Kickstarter page here and donate if you think Mycroft is the thing that the human kind truly deserves and should see the day of light.

Mycroft is priced at only $129 per unit, which makes it affordable enough to install 100% coverage in your home or office.

Although the company has created an entry-level model that requires no tinkering or hacking to get it started for just $99, most users will likely be interested in the $249 Hardware Development kit that features more flexible options for creating a customized hardware solution.

Currently, the company has raised just over $36K with a goal of $99K and has about three weeks left to go in their Kickstarter campaign.


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