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Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area have been synonymous with the term "startup" for as long as one can remember. These places have been instrumental in giving birth to some of the top notch companies in the current times like Facebook, Intel, Apple and Twitter etc. But, the numero uno place of these startup desirable places have been in danger for last couple of years since the mushrooming of more and more startups in different parts of the world.

The 2015 edition of the Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings from Compass provides a new ranking for the world’s leading startup cities and throws open some interesting points for the startup world to wonder upon. The previous edition of the report was released way back in 2012. The new rankings have been calculated on the basis of data collected from 11,000 global startups, interviews with more than 200 entrepreneurs, and data from Crunchbase and other such sources.

According to the new report, Silicon Valley has again emerged as the best startup ecosystem in the world by acquiring the first position. New York takes the second position, climbing three positions from its previous ranking in 2012. Los Angeles rests on the third position and Boston on fourth. Boston’s ranking may come as a surprise to many, as its much-heralded Route 128 high-tech cluster was considered amongst the top two most desirable places for startups. The United Sates again walked away with the largest share of the cake by having seven cities in the top 20 list.

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But if we have a second look at the list, we observe a significant rise in new startup ecosystems around the world. Tel Aviv at fifth position, London at sixth, Berlin at ninth, and Singapore at 10th position are some of the examples of the change in the World startup scene.

There's good news also for India. Bangalore emerges on the list of the world’s top 20 leading startup ecosystems at a decent 15th position. The rankings of Tel Aviv, Singapore, São Paulo, and Bangalore holds testimonial to the fact of how the startup scene is emerging in the so-called emerging economies.

The report also predicted the trajectories of the world’s leading startup cities. Silicon Valley again marches away way ahead of others at the first position. Startup cities like New York, Austin, Bangalore, Singapore, and Chicago were ranked as fastest moving startup cities, according to the list.

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