A Few Tips for the First Time Entrepreneurs & Startup-ers

Starting something new is exciting as well as nerve racking at the same time. While you're looking forward to new experiences, you're also afraid at the same time thinking about the unexpected. Entrepreneurship as a profession might look glamorous and all hunky-dory from outside but this is not the case in reality.

In reality, the profession isn't all about roaming around in expensive cars, staying in five stars hotels or attending Page 3 cocktail parties everyday. The reality involves constant innovation, slogging and planning in order to make sure that your company is able stand out from the rest constantly. In order to help those first time entrepreneurs who are taking their first tiny steps in the startup industry get through an awesome start, we at www.indianweb2.com have compiled a list of a few tips that will help them get through the initial hiccups.

Self-belief -

self belief

This is the least you can do for yourself. Until and unless you believe in yourself and your idea, how do you intend to convince others to believe in your idea and invest their hard earned money in it. Have the courage to think something new and stand by it through thick and thin. Don't ever underestimate yourself as that will be your first step towards failure.

When a young would-be entrepreneur is starting out, he (or she) has not had the time to build his (or her) self-confidence. Our advice is to adopt a positive attitude. When you have a new idea, you will find hundreds of people who will tell you why it cannot be done. Do not give power to invalidating people. Believe in yourself – and believe in your idea. Own it. Everything that you as a new entrepreneur explains should be in positive terms. The learning process is to feel in your gut that you are right and that every obstacle is an opportunity.

Focus -


Have a set goal and work through all your might to achieve it. Don't get disappointed or arrogant too soon because of the initial success or failure that you may face. Always remember "nothing is permanent". Keep working hard to achieve that one goal you have set for yourself and your startup in your mind and don't let any hiccup get in your way.

Working on stuff that doesn't matter will never get you to the promised land.

Staying focused can be tough with a constant stream of employees, clients, emails, and phone calls demanding your attention. Amid the noise, understanding your brain’s limitations and working around them can improve your focus and increase your productivity. Read - How to Stay Focused: Train Your Brain - via Entrepreneur.com


Money Is Important -


Don't get into the show-off business and over spend on things that you don't need as you never know when the tables might turn. Have enough cash flow ready with you for the difficult times. Yes, we know this means that you can't go out and buy the fancy car, and expense everything to the business right out of the gate. Though, we think that if you stay on top of the previous tips; the fast car, fancy office, and glorious dinners may come!

"Spend less than what you're earning". The advantage of practicing fundamental personal finance in your life is that you'll sleep at ease every night knowing that even if you entrepreneurial activities were to fail, you would be fine in the long run from a financial perspective.

Don't look out for the "Perfect Plan"


Wise men says "Strive for Progress, Not Perfection." To be really honest, there is no such thing as a "perfect plan". There is no perfect road that you can head down that will grant success. To each to his own. What may work for you, might not work for someone else. So, don't copy anyone else and go with the flow, and the path will pave itself for you. Think well before you act or speak is the mantra you should follow.

Building and improving your small business requires a few growing pains. But dwelling on those tiny slip-ups can stymie the growth of both you and your business. It’s more important to focus on progress, not perfection. Because every entrepreneur must learn to crawl before they can walk.

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