It's a famous saying that you can even sell a comb to a bald person if you know how to market and advertise your product well. On the same hand, you can have the best product to offer in the market but it might still fail to have a connect with the audience as the customers aren't even aware of its existence.

The startups who are still testing the waters of the industry would understand this very well. As a startup, it's a task to manage your marketing strategies within the set budget you have. In order to help those bootstrapped startups market their products well without causing much burden on the purse strings, we at have combined a list of ten marketing tactics that the bootstrapped startups can adopt.

Here we go!

  • Go the Intern way -

    This is a widely adopted marketing tactic nowadays. They are easy on the pocket and fresh with enthusiasm and vigour to learn something new. A startup can prove to be a great learning opportunity for young graduates or undergrads.

  • Make yourself a Marketing plan -

    While we understand the immense love you have for your product and how you think and feel it's the best in the market but the customers aren't going to stumble on this by their own. You need to have an objective marketing plan in hand to make them realise this and choose your product over anyone else's in the market.

  • Social Media -

    This part needs no explanation. Everybody knows the importance of social media in the business world nowadays. It's like an Identity card for your existence. More and more people check if a product is genuine by searching it on various social media platforms and reading the previous customer reviews and ratings. An account on the top 5 social media sites: Linked in, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter is a must.

  • Work on Your Press Releases -

    In order to register your existence in the minds of the people, start writing your own press releases. If you think you cannot write, outsource them from professional writers.

  • Free PR is good -

    There are a lot of websites out there (like IndianWeb2) which offer press releases absolutely free of cost. Go for them right away.

  • Your Website Is Your Passport To Success -

    The main aim of having several social media accounts is to make those socially active customers land on your company's website and turn them from potential to sure-short customers. Therefore, don't cut down when it comes to spending on designing your website. If your website is appealing then people visiting your website might not be able to resist themselves from buying your product.

  • Prepare A Detailed List Of All Business Prospects -

    This is where the student interns that you have hired will come to use. Make a detailed list of all your personal and business contacts that you see have the potential to turn into clients. The Internet can also come in handy.

  • Have a social media marketing plan in place -

    Just having several social media accounts won't suffice the purpose. Make sure that you regularly update these accounts with relevant information. Delegate the task of responding to all types of messages and comments on the various pages to the interns. Be active.

  • Videos -

    Visuals always help. A video or photograph has much more registration power in the minds of the people when compared to text. Make small, economical and product relevant videos and upload them on YouTube to attract the attention of more people.

  • Benchmark -

    Being a startup, you might not be having enough money today but being a startup, you have the liberty to try out new things, new marketing strategies and see how they work out for your startup. Make sure you try out as many new things as possible so that when the money comes pouring in, you know exactly where you have to invest it.


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