Are you always looking for the cheapest and the safest way to commute? Are those daily cab rides from your home to workplace and workplace to home burning a big hole in your pocket? If the answer to both these above questions is a yes, then you are at the right place, at the right time.

Cabdekho is a Hyderabad-based startup, that promises to be a one stop shop for everyone looking for a hiring a cab. Cabdekho is a perfect concoction of the best of the best features of all the cab hailing apps currently available in the market put together such as Ola, MeruCabs, Uber etc. is a smart taxi fare comparison website & app. It helps calculate the distance between two places and then provides you a list of available taxis in the area and how much each of them charges you based on the distance, time of the day and other factors(wait time, etc). It currently offers comparision of major cab services providers in over 30 cities of India including Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyerabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Nagpur and Tiruvananthpuram, among others.

The startup has developed an app to compares all the cab service providers in order to bring to you the cheapest and the nearest cab from a range of providers. On the top of it, they also provide its users with all the offers being provided from each cab service provider, so that they don't have to look elsewhere.


Co-founder Karthik, who was working for TCS pitched this idea to Sharath, who was visiting India at the time and they wasted no time working on With much needed support from friends and family, Karthik quit his job at TCS and along with Sharath proceeded to build an android application for the same. The android application hit Play store on 7th March.

Karthik Vyas and Sharath Dudala, started Cabdekho, with a motto of making life easier and cheaper for the everyday commuter. In order to reach out to as many people as possible, they have made a conscious decision of keeping the user interface as simple as possible. Cabdekho has the widest selection of cabs for the user, so that they can find the cheapest and the safest ride to their destination.

Karthik Vyas and Sharath Dudala, partners by profession and cousins by relation, came up with the idea for
Cabdekho after Karthik Vyas was entangled in a difficult commute situation where he had to download and open 4 different apps (Ola, Uber, TFS, Meru) to find the nearest and the cheapest cab in the area. This tiresome process encouraged him to bring a solution to this everyday commuter problem.

"Everyone who is looking for a ride in the cab is our user, infact if you are planning to take an auto, pause for a second, open the app and check – because you never know you could find the cab to be cheaper option!"said Sharath.

The startup founded on 20th December, 2014, is currently on a lookout for funding as they plan to expand and add up more awesome features to the app.

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