cisco iot system

By developing a new system targeting smart city infrastructure, Cisco has finally set its first foot in the happening and high growth potential Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Launched with an aim of "turning data into action", Cisco’s new IoT System consists of 15 IoT products. This new IoT treat from Cisco consists of everything from 4G modules to mass-transit WiFi access points to security cameras.

According to Kip Compton, VP and GM of the IoT Systems at Cisco, “The Cisco IoT System provides a comprehensive set of IoT technologies and product that change and accelerate the deployment of infrastructure for the IoT. This new systems approach delivers a framework that creates it attainable to deploy, accelerate and innovate with IoT.”

Cisco recently unveiled its 1st IoE Innovation Centre via a WebEx media conference hosted by the CTO of the company Kevin Bloch on 3rd July, 2015.

The new line of products includes a variety of 360-degree 720p Internet Protocol(ip) cameras and the IW3702 wireless access purpose for mass transit and city transport.


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