Shopping as an activity has now majorly become an online business. You can rarely see people going out especially to a mall or nearby market to buy clothes, groceries or electrical products anymore. All they do is log on to the various ecommerce sites and browse through and buy the things they're looking for. What makes this online shopping thing more exciting, is all the discounts, offers and return policies they have on offer.

In order to encourage more and more sellers to go the online way, Flipkart, the online giant, has launched a nationwide campaign 'Apne Sapne Jee Kar Dekho'. The campaign educates entrepreneurs/manufacturers/Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) about all the advantages that they would have, if they agree on getting their businesses up on Flipkart's platform.

All the new sellers coming in through the campaign, will be treated with fast-track registrations to the ecommerce platform. Additionally, they will also be provided with various other facilities like product shoots, training about the platform's usage and payments trends and dedicated pick-ups.

The campaign is said to be live in 15 key cities of the country, for a period of 45 days. According to Flipkart, "Targeted at both the metros and non-metros, this campaign focuses to give sellers a more holistic view of ecommerce and encourage them to be a part of this growing ecosystem." It further added, "With a nationwide reach, online is fast becoming an added channel that a lot of offline sellers are adopting."

The ecommerce giant aims to have 1,00,000 sellers in its seller portfolio by the end of this year and expects the campaign to act as a catalyst in helping it achieve that.

According to Flipkart chief business officer Ankit Nagori, "Over the last few years, our efforts have been on creating a robust ecosystem that encourages sellers to grow their businesses on the Flipkart marketplace." He further added, "With the launch of this campaign, we want to educate sellers and help them understand the dynamics of taking their business online. In 2015, our focus is to make the Flipkart selling experience more exciting, seamless and beneficial for sellers."

Flipkart is currently India's largest online marketplace with over 30,000 sellers and 4.5 crore registered customers.

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