With our mind preoccupied by various tensions 24*7, we end up missing out on some of the most important events and parts of our lives. It could be anything from a monthly health checkup appointment to a particular important class test. We all have had the jitters of waking up someday to something important that we have forgotten. Well, those jittery morning are now days of the past because a new app called Remind'em will make sure that you don't miss out on any important event of your life ever in the future.

With Remind'em app, you can setup a reminder in other's phone, and remind him/her moving away from traditional methods like Email/SMS/Whatsapp etc. which usually gets skipped from the user's mind as and when they are supposed to remember, or users end up setting up a self reminder.

The Android reminder app is unique in the sense that it lets its users set a reminder in someone else's phone. Not only this, the app also allows the users to customise the reminder according to a particular time and location.


Remind'em supports time based reminders and location based reminders. And not just this, it also have subscriptions . Subscribe to your favorite topics & utilities and you receive updates of all the buzz that goes on. Few of the things you can fo with Remind'em app are:

  • Setup time based alarm, reminder, todo task in your friends phone and get rid of SMS/Email based reminder ignorance.

  • Going for a trip? Wake up all your friends by setting up alarms in their phones.

  • Forgetting getting groceries? Setup a location based reminder in your husbands phone which will remind him as soon as he reaches near the store.

  • Frustrated with setting up reminder of your own for someone else tasks? Ask them to setup a todo task reminder in your device and get rid of the process of setting up reminders.

The app is a welcome change from all the other traditional ways of Setting a reminder like Email/SMS/Whatsapp etc. or setting up a self-reminder.

This Hyderabad based wonder app has been made by two final year IIT Guwahati students, Jatin Bajaj and Vivek Bhargavunder under the guidance of an Industry experienced professionals.

According to the founders, the problem of reminding others to do a particular task at a specific time is valid for everybody across the globe. Hence, Remind'em will serve as a great utility app for all kinds of age groups.

So, if you have a lazy friend, an unhealthy uncle or anything important in general that absolutely can't be forgotten, Remind'em is the app that you need to download right now.

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