10 Reasons To Launch A 'Startup' After College Instead Of Finding A Job

You are fresh out of college and waiting for the perfect job opportunity to knock at your door. Wait a minute. Did I just say wait? Why wait, when you can create your own opportunity and put that hard earned degree to your own use rather than investing in someone else’s company? Taking a road less taken is a big risk but I think, it's a risk worth taking.

Here are 10 amazing reasons that we at www.indianweb2.com have put together to help you see the perks of being the king of your own Kingdom rather than being a slave at someone else's.

  1. You know yourself - First and foremost, you know your potential. You know how to get things done at your pace and your own satisfaction level. Why labour for someone who won't appreciate it? In your own company, you will get to work at your self- defined pace and with no fear of getting fired every day.

  2. It won't feel like work - About 75 percent of the Indian population is stuck in a job that they don't love. They're doing it just for the good money and the fear of the unknown. But, that won't be the case with you. You will get up every morning with a big smile on your face and fire in your stomach because your work won't be something that you have to do but something that you love doing. When work meets passion, it doesn't feel like work anymore.

  3. You will do smart work - At a regular job, since it's not our company, most of the people don't put in their 100 percent potential. But, since this is your company and your money at stake, you will learn the art of working hard and working smart at the same time.

  4. You're a bubbling with ideas - When you're in your 20s, you're bubbling with fresh and crazy ideas that no one older than you can even think about. You have all the passion and vigour to work on that crazy idea and make a beautiful product out of it.

  5. You will start appreciating your work - The moment your company makes that first profit, you will understand the meaning and importance of working day and night for something. You will start valuing your each day, each minute because you know that your one moment of procrastination can cost your company a lot of money.

  6. You don't have anything to lose - Since you're fresh out of college, you don't have a lot of responsibility riding on you. This is the time to get selfish, the time to do something which you might not be able to do ten years down the line with a family responsibility and EMI payments to make every month.

  7. You will polish your networking skills - Since its your own company, you will get the opportunity to talk to investors, to vendors and seek out different people's help for different tasks. You will master the art of talking and making connections. In a regular job, your job profile might not include this and you might miss out on developing these skills.

  8. You have youth and the energy that comes with it on your side- Don't wait up to get your business started, that day might never come. We humans have a tendency of settling down when we start feeling too comfortable. Start right away. You don't have a family to look after or house or car mortgages to pay. This is the time to take risk and go for it.

  9. You make your own schedule - Since its your company, you get the luxury of making your own schedule. No need to report at 9 AM sharp or lose your daily wage. You're the king of this Kingdom. Come at whatever time you want and leave at whatever time you feel.

  10. You will become smarter than ever - When you start your own company, you have to look after a lot of responsibilities. You will become a salesman, a marketer, an accountant, a receptionist and a whole lot of other profiles till you have the money to afford to hire people for these profiles.

You will understand the nuances of all these profiles and end up becoming smarter and knowledgeable than ever.

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