Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting everything from wearable devices and traffic signals to waste control systems and door locks to a huge network. We recently reported about how Industry veterans from Vodafone, Tesco, Tech Mahindra, Philips, GE and Cisco have joined hands to form an Internet of Things panel in India.  While Internet of Things seems to have recently started gaining pace in India, it is a well known concept in the international markets since the year 1999.

A lot of companies over the years have tried to do their bit for IoT and have given us some of the most amazing IoT products that we could have ever imagined in the process. Currently, the numero uno position is a close contest between five of the largest technology companies in the world, namely: Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, and IBM. has come up with a list which ranks the top twenty Internet of Things companies in the world right now. The ranks are based on number of Google searches, Twitter mentions and blogs and newspaper headlines that the Internet of Things companies are able to attract. They have also taken into account the number of Internet of Things focused employees these companies have employed.
  1. Intel -

    Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO, seems to be a person who learns from his past mistakes. When Smartphones first came into the market, Krzanich thought it wasn’t an opportunity worth capturing and the concept would fizzle out after sometime but as time has it, he was horribly wrong. With Internet of Things, he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes. He wants every fifty billion connected devices that the IoT promises in the next five years to have “Intel Inside”.

    Intel is one of the forerunners in manufacturing new generation low-power chips for Internet of Things connected devices. The company’s Research and Development centres and a number of other industry co-operations lay the foundation of its Internet of Things push. The software giant is currently focusing on developers and startups. The company is marketing its Intel Galileo developer kit all over the world. With the kit, anyone can create their own thing. The company has recently added a new addition to its Internet of Things profile. It’s a platform that will connect the data from your devices to the cloud.

  2. Microsoft -

    This software giant followed the footsteps of Intel, when it comes to Smartphones. Windows Phones enjoy a small three percent share in the Smartphone market.

    The software giant has come up with three IoT propositions till now. First comes the Azure platform. This platform has the potential of becoming a one- stop- shop cloud platform for all your connected devices. Secondly, the software giant has Microsoft Streaming Analytics, which has an aim of benefitting from a new kind of processing that will be essential for extracting meaning from sensor data in real time. At the third spot is Microsoft Band. The software giant has made a foray into the health and wearable space through this invention. Apart from the above mentioned three products, the software giant has been experimenting a lot in the industrial Internet of Things space. The company recently worked with Kuka, the robot manufacturer, on a project that equipped a Jeep Wrangler plant with the company’s Microsoft technology to run manufacturing lines. Microsoft is planning to launch similar projects in the connected car and connected health space.

  3. Cisco -

    The Company has been crowned for coining the term Internet of Everything. Cisco has managed to centre its business strategy around IoT like no other big technology companies. IoT has always remained at the heart of what the company does. Cisco has developed network equipment like switches and routers for its enterprise customers. The company is also highly active in security solutions. it is also the host of the esteem IoT World Forum.

  4. Google -

    The search giant has increased the pace of its IoT activity over the years. The company bought Nest, the smart home company, for a whopping $3.2 billion in January last year. That day marked the commencement of mass market awareness for the IoT. The search giant’s self driving car project and Google glass also come under the IoT category. In addition to all this, the California based company recently announced the “Physical web platform”. Nothing much has been revealed about the platform yet but it is for sure an IoT.

  5. IBM -

    Acquiring fifth position in the top five IoT companies is the software giant IBM. The company is famous for making huge investments in enterprise application infrastructure and databases for connected devices. It has also been investing heavily in Analytics. The software giant also partners with other companies in order to create IoT showcases in various different areas.

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  6. Samsung -

    The Company’s acquisition of SmartThings, a leading smart home platform, has helped it make a cut into the top 10 IoT companies. Apart from this, the company is also a major player in the wearables market.

  7. Apple -

    The Company believes in doing everything in its own, secretive way. It lays low for some time and then comes out with a bang. Currently, the company’s IoT activity is focused on its Apple HomeKit platform and Apple iWatch. It also has an Apple HealthKit. If some rumors are to be believed, the company is planning to enter the Internet connected car market.

  8. SAP -

    The Germany based company is at the top of the enterprise software market right now. But the German giant believes that the IoT market will soon undergo a drastic change. The company has planned to position its HANA database as “the secret sauce to make Internet of Things run simple”. The company has worked hard to enable its ERP-System with Internet of Things functionality. It has also been experimenting vigorously with machine-to-machine platforms. The company is working on several projects in service, logistics and manufacturing operations.

  9. Gartner

    The Company has a very good reputation when it comes to IoT. Its great reputation is a result of its much famous hype-cycle. The company placed IoT into the steeply rising part of its hype-cycle in the year 2011, when almost no one was using the term IoT.  In 2014 the company announced that the IoT has finally reached its peak and is now up for a fall. While Garnter believes that IoT is up for a downfall, most of the other IoT don’t agree with it. They believe though the concept may face a little setback, it won’t fall as deeply as concepts such as “gesture control” or “virtual reality” have.

  10. Oracle -

    The Company is quite behind in IoT when compared to its other heavy weight contemporaries. Most of its activity is focused on its cloud platform. Oracle is renewing its push to promote Java as a platform for developers to build applications for small devices and the Internet of things.

    The company also announced Java ME Embedded 8.1 early access, featuring support for ARM Cortex M3/M4 microcontrollers and a developer preview for Freescale FRDM K64 boards with mbed support. Updated Raspberry Pi support is featured as well.

    Oracle has announced a collaboration with mobile network operator Vodafone to develop internet of things (IoT) systems as demand for smart cities, connected cars and m-health increases

  11. ARM -

    The United Kingdom based company’s mbed cloud platform and low-power Cortex processor family is its answer to IoT. With IBM, the company offers ARM mbed IoT starter kit which allow hobbyists to make Internet of Things (IoT) products that are cloud ready and capable of transmitting and receiving data for alert or analysis.

  12. General Electric -

    The Company is credited with being one of the most enthusiastic Industrial IoT companies. GE was behind the coining of the term Industrial Internet. The company is providing solutions in a number of areas such as power generation, manufacturing or aviation. GE achieved revenues worth $1 billion with its industrial internet products last year.

    In India, GE along with other tech firms is forming an India Internet of Things panel to build open source IoT solutions for solving problems in areas such as healthcare, education and agriculture.

  13. Accenture -

    The Company should credit its place in the top 20 to a number of recent publications. The number of Accenture employees associated with Internet of Things shot up from a mere 11 to a good 250+ on LinkedIn in a period of just three months.

  14. Amazon

    Its Echo has the potential of becoming a great Internet connected home companion. The company is also in the midst of preparing its much famous cloud services for Internet of Things devices.

  15. HP

    The Company has an aim of connecting devices with its open-source dev-ready cloud platform called Helion cloud platform.

  16. Arduino -

    The Company’s development boards are a great hit with the developers. They are used by many startups for their prototypes.

  17. IDC -

    The Company is working hard with Gartner in order to establish itself as one of the topmost IoT companies focused on market research.

  18. Blackberry -

    The once famous Smartphone manufacturer also provides an Internet of Things platform, specifically for automotive and asset tracking.

  19. PTC

    It is the mother company behind the much famous Thingworx IoT platform.

  20. Verizon -

    It is a top player in North America for machine-to-machine (M2M) managed services. The services allow data communication through cellular network. The company is famous for showcasing communication solutions specifically in the connected car and the connected health space.


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