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Children nowadays know how to operate smartphones even before they start crawling. By the time they’re 2 or 3, they know better about their parent's electronic devices than the parents themselves. Earlier, the kids were hugely dependent on Encyclopedia and their parents to provide them with knowledge about certain new things and topics but with Internet, all this has changed.

Nowadays if they need answers for any of their query or want to learn something new, they head straight to internet. While Internet has become children's' best friend, it has become a worrying point in their parents’ lives. There's a plethora of content available on the net which might not be appropriate for young kids. Keeping this in mind, Google, the internet giant, has taken some steps in order to change that downward frown on parent's head into an upward smile.

Taking first step in this direction, Google has launched YouTube Kids. The California based company has been working on the concept for a year now. The internet giant worked closely with parents on this project as they wanted to create a family-friendly version of the video sharing site YouTube. The new YouTube Kids is said to be simpler for kids to understand. It also boosts of a bigger and better interface.

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App store. The internet giant has not divulged any details about the desktop version of the app yet.

The selection of videos on YouTube Kids is limited to what the Internet giant believes is "appropriate for the whole family". Music, Explore, learning and shows are the four channels and play list categories available for the children’s version of the video sharing website.

One can simply search whatever content one is looking for in the app. The application even comes with voice search for kids who can’t type or spell. Children can search for children’s shows, mathematics lessons and a lot of DIY arts and crafts videos. Apparently, there are a lot of train videos available for kids.

The App also comes with a number of parental controls. The app lets parents set a timer in the app which helps them in curtailing their children’s screen time. It even allows parents to turn off a video’s sound effects and background music to keep things quieter. The parents can even disable the search option in the app to limit their kids to videos available on the app’s home screen. There is also a feedback section in the app where parents can provide their opinions and suggestions about the app.

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