In order to make the lives of new parents easier, Rest Devices has come up with a device called the Mimo Baby. Reading a baby’s comfort or discomfort is the most difficult part of being a new parent but this latest invention from Intel will make it a child’s play. Being called as the new baby monitor of the future, Mimo Baby will help parents monitor real data of their infants other than movement of blankets or cooing with the help from first generation microphone based monitors or baby cams.

Wearable Technology seems to be the flavor of the season. Majority of vendors showcasing their products at the CES 2014 made one thing very clear: the wearable technology is a technology of the future.

The "smart baby onesie" displayed at the Intel's CES 2014 booth drew maximum crowd. The most surprising fact was that the smart baby onesie was not just like any other concept in the pipeline but rather a final product ready to be launched in the market.

The Mimo Baby has two green strips on the front, across the chest of the baby which acts as respiratory sensors. The sensors keep the parents informed about any changes in the baby’s respiratory rate. The sensors could come as great respite for patients with asthma or croup. Additionally, a removable turtle shaped device with sensors is clipped on front that allows the monitoring of baby’s heart rate, body temperature and activity level. Data from the Mimo Baby can be accessed by parents in real time using a smartphone iOS/ Android mobile app.

The Mimo Baby is run by an Intel chip microprocessor from inside. The chip is built into a dual core Edison PC, which is the size of a SD card. While the Edison version of the Mimo Baby won’t be available until the summer this year, a non-Edison version has already hit the markets last month. The three onesies and the turtle clip are being sold at $199.00 as a starter kit and a two pack of onesies are available for $29 for babies with sizes from 0-12 months.

Mimobaby - How It Works


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