Google Plaso - New Bluetooth-Based Payment Service Under Development

Google, the tech giant, is in the midst of developing a new mobile payment called Plaso, according to a report published in the Information. Google aims to pitch Plaso against the popular new Apple pay system, which has become quite a rage with both retailers and consumers alike.

According to information available till now, Plaso will be a bluetooth based payment system that will allow consumers to pay for transactions without even touching their devices. With Plaso, one can walk straight into a cafe and order their favorite drink and simply tell the person at the cash counter their initials and voila, you're done.

Though not much information about how the Bluetooth based payment would function are available right now, it's speculated, once the consumer tells the cashier about his initials, the cashier runs his/her initials through a list of Plaso consumers within range and picks the right consumer and operates the transaction through Google wallet.

People familiar with mobile payment systems might recall an app quite similar to Plaso called the Square wallet. The wallet required consumers to check in their location so that the cashier could look at your application profile photo and recognize you.Launched three years ago, the square wallet was just discontinued last year owing to lack of adoption among consumers.

Google's own payment app, wallet, has failed to gain its position in the market. Limited compatibility, insufficient promotion and the opposition of carriers and payment processors were some of the reasons behind the app's failure. Whether the California based tech giant is able to be successful the second time is yet to be seen. Keep checking this space for more information on Plaso.

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