India's Public Cloud Service Market To Top $800-mn in 2015

According to Gartner, a research firm, the public cloud services in India is expected to grow by 33 percent and reach $838 million by the end of 2015. This growth in the public cloud services is a result of the strong growth in the country’s cloud infrastructure and security solutions.

These High rates of spending on cloud services in the country is expected to continue for another three years and the market is poised to touch $1.9 billion by the year 2018.

The public cloud services market was valued at $632 million last year.

“In 2015, public cloud services revenue is driven by high rates of growth in key market segments, cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), cloud management and security services and cloud application infrastructure platform as a service (PaaS),” reads a statement released by the research firm.

Spending on IaaS is expected to see an increase of 38 percent over last year and touch $104.8 million in the year 2015.

On the other hand, spending on PaaS and cloud security/management is expected to grow at 35.4 percent to $84.6 million and $56.7 million, respectively during the same amount of time.

Cloud computing basically refers to a pay-per-use model of computing in which software and applications can be accessed by the users over the internet and not owned by them. IT companies can end up saving huge IT costs on these products as they don’t have to invest in buying them.

Some large organisations end up setting a cloud-like infrastructure in their own data centre in order to secure data. This cloud-like infrastructure is called a private cloud.

On the other hand, Public cloud refers to providers whose shared services can be accessed by all., Amazon and Google are some examples of the same.

“Organisations in India seeking IT outsourcing services are increasingly turning to public cloud services as an alternative to traditional ITO offerings,” said, Ed Anderson, Vice President, Gartner, in a statement to PTI.

According to the data received from Gartner’s cloud adoption survey in India, 53 percent of organizations in the country confirmed that they were using cloud services today, with another 43 percent indicating plans to begin using the services in the period of next 12 months.

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