Shout App Gives You A Free Social Network For You, Your Neighbors And Your City

Shout App is a locality based social app which was launched as an android app across the globe in April, 2014. A Bangalore based company; Shout App is at a very initial stage and is currently in bootstrapping mode. The team is led by 4 Co-founders, who wish to remain anonymous for the time being, 3 are IIM pass out and the other co-founder is the UX and designer of this app.

One of the Co-founders says "The idea was to connect people living in same locality. It was during our various conversations related to problems people face in day to day life; we realized there is a huge barrier when it comes to reaching out to ask help. We felt there has to be a platform where you can just come and express yourself. And that lead to Shout App, an app which helps you to express out loud, ask, share, discover."

Alter Ego Shout is an anonymous social network feature of Shout App that allows people to express themselves, connect with like-minded individuals, and discover the unseen world around us. With Alter Ego, you can anonymously share your thoughts and emotions with the world, and form lasting and meaningful relationships in a community built around trust and honesty. If you have ever had something too intimate to share on traditional social networks, simply share it on Alter Ego!

"The idea of Alter Ego came up during our many user meetings. People had concerns what if they get caught while reporting a crime, or bribery. It was a very genuine request, but we decided to solve problem from a different perspective. Our app is inspired from daily life, even options like Echo; Shut up etc. derive from our day to life. After thorough discussion, we realized that each one of us have an Alter Ego, the one which is out in public display. Alter Ego helps to vent out your feelings, without getting judged. And the response which it received is phenomenal." clarifies one of the co-founder of app.

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"Today, app market is very competitive but I don't think it is a stopping force in anyway. If you believe in an idea, then that in itself becomes a motivation. We started with a simple aim to bring people in a region/locality together. In fact, when we were discussing idea with users, people appreciated it but said, this idea will not work in India. People in general believe that we Indians don’t like helping others. We took up this as a challenge, and built a platform where people can come and interact. And today people are helping each other on portal. Hence this whole idea to develop ‘help culture’ in our country is been constant source of motivation for all." says one of other co-founders on asking what prompted them to start this venture.

The main difference comes from the fact that they are focused on developing this community, by taking one step at a time, because of the firm belief that helping build this community where no shout would go unanswered. This is something which will help them establish a help culture within all of us. Once the user is on board, it’s the experience which he gets from the product that would want him to come back to use it again.

With a team of 5 members, all based out of Bangalore, Shout App uses robust native graph database. Currently on bootstrap mode, the company is focussing to incorporate user feedbacks to improve the product. They would also definitely expand to other major cities in near future. Also, they are looking for experts in these fields who can mentor them, and help them to take the product to next level.

Being apprehensive about a noble social cause, the team at Shout App needs all of ours’ backing. Do go through their app link to be more informed about their product.


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