3D printing is currently a $2.2 billion industry but is bound to grow up to $10.8 billion as per Goldman Sachs. 4 energetic entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in this sector, decided to tap it and make a 3D printer so that it doesn't have to be imported to India at high prices. This is how Global 3D Labs started out in Manipal, Udupi. Gopal Krishna, Aviral Kedia (both from MIT, Manipal), Manish Amin, Shreyas Kudva (both from MITE, Manglore) set out to make their product, Pramaan. Pramaan is a latest generation, industrial grade, desktop 3D Printer designed for multiple users and sturdy usage.

[caption id="attachment_94964" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Pramaan Creator - (L-R) Gopal Krishna, Shreyas Kudva, Aviral Kedia and Manish Amin Pramaan Creator - (L-R) Gopal Krishna, Shreyas Kudva, Aviral Kedia and Manish Amin[/caption]


"Concept modelling has been an integral part of any Engineering process. The models can be developed for various sectors ranging from Architecture to Jewellery," says Gopal. The 3D printed parts give a first-hand experience of how the products will look in their physical scale. The printed parts can be painted, sanded or even chromium plated to give an actual feel of the product or the architectural structure before it is brought to the production stage.

"Unlike earlier processes where concept modelling consisted of separate simulation on computer and then a scaled down model made up of wood, foam, etc., a 3D Printed part gives the tangibility of computer simulation and physical modelling at the same time," adds Aviral. The printers can create parts that can be tested for production before the final machine tooling is done.

"Pramaan has LCD support and SD card connectivity that allows it to be an independent system. The printer has a massive build volume of 27 x 35 x 22 cm3 that allows the users to build multiple and bigger parts in a single print. It has the largest build volume in its price range," says Shreyas.


Pramaan can be used with ABS, PLA, Laywood, HIPS Polymer, Nylon 618 and other compatible materials. Pramaan can be used to print multiple designs that can be both downloaded from the internet as well as designed by the user. Pramaan can be used with various 3D printing software that are available for free download. Apart from this, Pramaan has full metal chassis which helps making the machine a very robust one.

"Presently we are researching on multiple extruder 3D printers, food extruders, 3D scanners. These products will hit the market in early part 2015," says Gopal. G3D Labs has signed an MOU with Appmob Marketing to conduct workshops throughout the nation to make people aware of the wonders this technology can do. These workshops are a part of G3D Labs endeavour to evangelize 3D printing in India.

How Pramaan is different from other 3D Printers -

Pramaan comes with LCD support and can interact in 11 different languages meant to cater to customers all across the globe. Moreover, the printer has a massive build volume which is the biggest in the world for its price range. The printer is made for multiple users and has a sturdy chassis made of Mild Steel.

Moreover, Pramaan is a plug and play gadget. You can unpack the machine and start printing from the day 1. You can even print Pramaan without using system as Pramaan comes with SD card support. You can copy the g-codes and print using the same.

[caption id="attachment_94967" align="aligncenter" width="700"]pramaan_3d_printing 3D printer 'Pramaan' in action[/caption]

The team currently comprises of 9 members and they hope to establish themselves as major player in field of 3D printing and rapid prototyping by constant R&D and launching a variety of products. They are currently not funded.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Aviral says "Entrepreneurship is a great way to bring about the changes that you wish to see in the society and empower people. Do not hesitate to invest your time and efforts in something that you firmly believe in because if you can dream it you can do it."


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