India's 16 year old Arsh Shah Dilbagi, hailing from Panipat, Haryana, is among the top 15 finalists at the Google Science Fair 2014 for his innovation called - 'TALK'. The 16 year old inventor has qualified through his latest invention TALK, which is, as he describes it "an innovative AAC device for people with developmental disabilities. It helps speech-impaired people to communicate using their breath, which they otherwise cannot."

Arsh has also been nominated for Scientific American Science in Action Award as well as Goggle Computer Science Award.

AAC is Augmentative and Alternative Communication i.e. Any technology that assists human beings to rectify one of its disorders is an AAC device. TALK is the world's simplest and most advanced and affordable AAC device.

TALK is a patent-pending innovative technology which using the variations in person's breath help him either dictate letters which are further combined and synthesised as sentences or speak-out specific commands/phrases depending on the mode selected. Current AAC devices cost thousands of dollars but Talk can be made accessible under a hundred US dollars and it also increases the speaking rate by at-least 300%.

TALK device is quite light and portable being just 10x6x2 cm in dimensions and weighs not more than a regular smartphone. On a single charge it runs for more than 2 days and is quite comfortable to wear. It takes only 0.8sec to dictate the letter 'A' and 0.4sec for the letter 'E' using Talk, making it the fastest AAC device in the world. Talk can be made available at less than $100, making it the most affordable.


With an accuracy of almost 100% and innovative features - 9 voices (male/female) for different age groups, 2 modes (communication/command-phrases) and encoding there is nothing which can compete with features of the device. Talk uses Breath as the medium of interaction between the user and device which also makes it unique as it has been never done before.

Arsh says, "In the future, I envision the device to be more intelligent and even more accessible. I'm currently working on a single and more compact circuit board which will further increase the efficiency of the device and make it lighter and more portable. The wearable sensor has Micro USB-Out to integrate it with an Android Smartphone and Google Glass on which I will definitely work in the near future. This will not only make it more accessible but also easier to use. One thing which is the most important of all, I wish that Talk reaches all in need and makes this world a better place to live."

Let's all help him on his journey, starting with voting for him at this year's Google Science Fair Project. Here is the link to vote -

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