With the envision of providing school education at your doorstep and planning on expanding in 50 cities over next 5 years, FlipClass comes up with this culture we all probably have been aware of for a long time, but in a very different and a more student-friendly manner.

Founded by Vineet Dwivedi (CEO) in June 2013, FlipClass is a Bangalore based online marketplace for home tutors and unlike a traditional class, will get a teacher to a student's house for a personalised tuition delivery and a one to one experience for the student. Essentially, the company recruits and trains tutors who enable home tuition that are student centric on one hand and cater for tutors' time and place of convenience on the other. This platform has been designed to address the immediate need to increase the visibility of qualified affordable tutors to parents for their children. Also, delivery of quality tuitions and the assimilation of learning is enhanced exponentially by the learning platform Relemo, which emphasises on' Read less, learn more'.

In August this year, FlipClass raised funding of Rs.1.5 crore (under $250,000) from LetsVenture, an online fundraising platform.

[caption id="attachment_94763" align="alignleft" width="341"]Vineet Dwivedi (Founder & CEO, Flipclass) Vineet Dwivedi (Founder & CEO, Flipclass)[/caption]With a team of 30 enthusiastic and self-motivated people, located out of Bangalore, these guys have been moving fast ahead with the aim of bridging the gap between classroom learning and what has been left out by the school teacher as part of self-learning / own time education. The technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning brings together the one-on-one home tuition setting and adaptive learning platform to bridge the gap.

"Several efficient time utilisation methods have been incorporated by our team in our daily practice such as telescoping the total time of deployment of tutors by finding, recruiting, training, and allotting them for tuition via our platform or efficiently mapping teachers' skill sets to the requirements of the students looking for home-tuitions.", says Digvijay Dey, who is the marketing manager at this start-up which has been funded by a group of Angels and is looking for some strong partners to move at a brisk pace in this ever growing market.

The main advantage Digvijay think Flipclass has over their competitors is the ability to truly bridge the learning gap by filtering capable teachers and by utilizing their Relemo adaptive learning platform. The other advantage is the ability to bring in efficiency to operations through the cutting edge CRM.

On asking how the experiences were in the early part of their journey till people got familiar with their website, Digvijay says, “During the first month, one of our founders actually tested the home-tuition waters by volunteering to deliver tuition at the students' homes. During the first 3 months, we had to wait patiently at both ends of the chain: supply side, for home tutors; demand side, for students. But we did not dither.” Perhaps, it was this self-belief that got them up and running.

With a message for young and future entrepreneurs of focussing more on the marketing plan than the product, they are set to provide affordable, reliable and personalized tutoring for your child, at the comfort of your home.

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