A breeze of fresh air is always welcomed, isn't it? Especially, when most of the present services in the market are way too chaotic and difficult to execute. comes up with that same freshness we all would love to come to terms with.

An online platform for convenient and assured sale of old/used gadgets without the hassle of posting ads on classified websites and attending numerous customer calls and haggling for price, is an exciting venture to look forward to. They provide instant price quotation and guaranteed buy-back of old gadgets listed on our website through direct pick-up with instant cash or through our simple reverse pick up program using Reverse logistics.

Started in 2009 by alumni of Punjab University, Mandeep Monocha and Nakul Kumar, ReGlobe is Gurgaon based startup which has been at the forefront of End-of-Life product management and has worked with some of the leading electronics brands in the country. The company has a core team of 22 members.

[caption id="attachment_94768" align="aligncenter" width="700"](L-R) Nakul Kumar & Mandeep Manocha, Co-Founders, (L-R) Nakul Kumar & Mandeep Manocha, Co-Founders,[/caption]

“We worked with mobile and Laptop OEMs (Nokia, HP) as Consultants to build buy-back programs and implement them on ground. Also, we set up from scratch and ran a Waste Rubber and Plastic Recycling unit in November 2010 and sold it profitably after 2 years of operation” says Nakul. “We also invested money from exit of our previous venture to co-found with a vision to provide a Trustworthy, Affordable and Green choice of re-using electronic equipment (laptops, mobile, tablets) both through online and offline channels”, Nakul adds.

On asking what prompted them to start this venture, Nakul says "While selling our own gadgets we realized how painful it was. We wanted to create a service where anyone who is looking to sell his electronic gadgets can conveniently do so and at a fast pace." They also kept in mind several glitches encountered by customers when they wanted to sell their gadgets as in "What is the right price for my old item?" or "Where should I go to sell my old item?” or “How can I sell my gadget instantly, as it would take weeks to sell it through other online platforms?"

"Being transparent, fair pricing and providing customer satisfaction, these were the virtues we had in mind when we started and these still remain our main goal" says Mandeep on asking what would drive new users towards your company. With technologies like PHP and JAVA being used in their day-to-day work, is currently partnered with few OEMs to execute their buyback programs.

A self-funded start-up, the team at is currently indulging in direct pickups of laptops in 7 cities and plan on expanding to 10 cities in next 3 months for laptops, mobile phones and one more new category. Never doubting their idea and always learning from their mistakes, they used their friends and family as their first customers which helped to spread a word about their website. Also, few words of encouragement and criticism to go with it are always welcomed, and as Nakul says "we needed both".

"Be persistent with your goals and don't shy away from pivoting on your business model as per the need of the market” is the message they have for young and future entrepreneurs, adding a light hearted elderly advice ,"don’t take your work so seriously, it’s not the end of life". With this spirit, we are sure is up for making some serious in-roads into this online market of buying/selling. Wishing them all the very best.

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