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TouchPico from TouchJet has made an extremely useful twist to the old handled projectors and this twist has made it capable of turning any flat screen or even a wall into an interactive screen. TouchPico is an Indiegogo project which has raised around $379,212 USD till now will be available in retail maret at price label of $499 (around Rs.30400)

TouchPico is a tiny handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant 80" interactive touchscreen. TouchPico is a hand-sized, small white device which has the ability to run all Android applications and project it to an 854 x 480 pixel, 80 inch image on any wall.  At 150 lumens, it has the ability to lighten up any room.  It also comes packed with a special stylus.

The stylus is a pen like device and its one end which is not attached to the projector, has an infrared switcher. The projector consists of an infrared camera and this camera makes the tracking of the movement of the stylus in front of TouchPico’s screen possible. This also allows the user to interact with any on-screen objects with easy taps and gestures.

TouchPico can be used to play games on the big wall. It provides a wonderful experience to the user without any lags or glitches. Though, it is a little difficult to be able to stand directly in front of the screen as it blocks the projection.  TouchPico even lets you watch a movie in a hotel or at home, while being connected to all your apps.

TouchPico is expected to cost under $500. It comes loaded with HDMI and audio ports.  It also has a built-in Wi-Fi which can be used with Android’s Screencast technology. TouchPico runs off standard AC power.

This device's capabilities might seem familiar to people who have seen or used a Smart Technologies Smart Board, but the difference between these educational devices and TouchPico is that these educational devices need special screens and larger and more expensive projectors to function but on the other hand, TouchPico can work virtually on any matte surface. The only advantage these educational devices have over TouchPico is that these devices have been designed for a very short and high angled throw which means it’s highly impossible for people to block the projection.

TouchJet expects to start shipping TouchPico from October this year but has launched an Indiegogo campaign on 25th July, Monday so as to fund TouchPico’s manufacturing.


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