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Google today announced news webmaster tool for news publishing websites called - Google News Publisher Center. The tool is for those news websites which do structural changes to their websites, get evolved and changed over time.

The Google News Publisher Center is a web tool that makes it possible for online news publishers to quickly and easily update information about their news source. Due to strcutural changes made by news publishing websites Google news might not have discovered them until these structural changes are not reported to Google, which in turn could have resulted in readers not seeing the important news webpages. To prevent this from happening, we are letting you make changes to our record of your news site using this new tool.

Currently Google news publisher center is only available to publishers in the U.S. but Google is planning to introduce it in other countries soon along with more features.

With Google News Publisher Center, publishers can basically make the following changes for better discovery and classification in Google News -

  • Update your news site details, including changing your site name and labeling your publication with any relevant source labels (e.g., "Blog", "Satire" or "Opinion")

  • Update your section URLs when you change your site structure (e.g., when you add a new section such as or

  • Label your sections with a specific topic (e.g., "Technology" or "Politics")

In the past, if news website publisher added a new section to their website and didn't tell Google team, it was possible Google News bot wouldn't crawl and index the content on that new section. With the Google News Publisher Center, one can now now easily update Google record of your news source information with the new sections as soon as they go live.

Th new tool is record of publishers' news source information. Publishers make updates to their news source information may be made by publisher team or Google News, with the overall goal of keeping your news website's information as current as possible.

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