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With various technologies coming out every day, it was long being said that the business cards would soon lose its sheen and become obsolete. Sharing contacts details has become so much easier with the help of NFC enabled Smartphones and various apps. But there is one company which is working hard to keep Business Cards in fashion but with a twist.

SwivelCard has given a digital update to business cards instead of trying to kill them off permanently. A SwivelCard is made up of regular paper and has an embedded USB drive.  The card is made up of a thin cardboard which packs in the thickness of three regular business cards. The card has been specially designed in such a way that the USB drive portion of the card extends out and can be easily plugged into a computer or laptop.

swivel card folding as usb

SwivelCard makes use of integrated technology and places a small file on each card that can be easily programmed to open any URL when it is clicked. This small file can point to a website, an online portfolio or a Dropbox folder, among other things. The card points to any web page the user chooses, so the capacity is unlimited. The user can even track the card use and update the data on the page the card points anytime.

According to SwivelCard’s website, the card is extremely useful and can be used by the following people:

1) Salespeople: They can even include a presentation in their SwivelCard and tailor their cards differently for each prospective customer.

2) Photographers:  Using SwivelCard, they can stand out at the next trade show by presenting unique portfolios without requiring a signup.

3) Small Business Owners- They can be the talk of their next networking meeting because of their premium business cards.

4) Getting Married? These cards can be of great use to people getting married. They can give a SwivelCard to each guest and update it with a personal note and photographs after the wedding.

5) Real estate agents- They can post new properties to view each day on the SwivelCards they’ve distributed to their clients.

Though the card is extremely useful and a brand new concept, the only problem is that it is not yet available in the market. The company behind these SwivelCards has decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign on August 6th, 2014 at 2:00 P.M. EDT and the initial orders will e delivered by the end of 2014.

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