In our everyday lives, we come across various objects or household products which we don't use, yet we don’t want to discard. How good it would be if we get a portal where you can connect to those who need such products and can offer you something useful in return, which, in turn, they don't want for themselves? is an online community based platform that allows you to lend, borrow and exchange products with other members in the community. is started to provide a seamless and easy to use platform for everyone who has something to lend or borrow. "Our two-way creator and filtered application system ensures that you don't receive spam, junk or irrelevant enquiries. Packed with a host of features like Car Pooling, Local meet-up etc., will meet all your exchange needs," say the founders Sony Joseph and Soumajit Bhowmik. Both have also founded AdWize in 2007 - A branding and Digital Marketing agency catering to over 100 clients worldwide.

"The idea generated when we realized that there was as a general trend to exchange books and stuff among friends/ neighbors. We buy stuff at the spur of the moment and then after the initial use it becomes redundant. There are many things we do not want to sell also as we think it might come handy in future or because of some emotional attachment. In such case we are giving our users the option to lend it either in exchange of something they want for a short term or for money," says Soumajit.

Started recently in Bangalore, the founders wanted to build a community where people exchange products and services. "It is also a means for meaningful networking as you get to meet like-minded/ interest people," says Sony. All the portals talk about sale. It is always a onetime thing. During exchange you make friends, you get to know more people. The company wants to encourage people to share not only products but also services like babysitting, proof reading, sing a birthday song, become a messenger, etc

With a team of 4 enthusiastic people, the company wants to enable and encourage users to put up handmade products for sale/ exchange and also to offer small services which can be done at home. This will help create self-employment opportunities for many especially college students who can earn some pocket money for themselves and also women who are homemakers and even for professionals it can complement their income. “The ultimate aim is to create a symbiotically productive networking portal,” added Sony.

In future, they want to provide meet-up options for better networking. They also want to take it PAN India and set up physical stores where common man / users can set up their items for exchange/rent and earn from the comfort of their homes. As a message for future entrepreneurs, Sony says “Even in darkness light dawns for those who believe.”

The portal will be up and running on Aug 15. Gather all your products till then!!

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