Getting out of the house all alone has now become act of bravery. The ever growing crime rate in the country has made it almost impossible to set out of the house without fear. But, here’s a security app which could help in bringing about some change in the current situation.

SOS-Stay safe is a personal safety app that aims at empowering every individual against acts of violence. It even summons help in case of an emergency. The app lets the user send SOS alerts to her family and friends in situations of danger. These SOS alerts can be sent by shaking the Smartphone using a customizable shake limit.

The app developed by iXtentia can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play store.

The app will automatically send the user’s location, an emergency message, a recorded audio clip of the situation and the device battery level to the chosen contact with just a shake of the Smartphone. The inconspicuous shake gesture is a great way to ask for help easily and discreetly without raising any suspicion in that situation.

The app even lets the user to calibrate the shake in order to suit his or her needs. The one minute audio recording of the situation will help the recipients know about the danger the user is caught in. The GPS tracking even lets the recipients track the user if he or she is kidnapped or being moved from one location to another against their will.

The app can be useful in a number of situations. Like if you’re being stalked by some stranger, in case of attempted physical or sexual assault, in unsafe neighborhoods, domestic violence, road accidents and Health related emergencies like a heart attack.

There are two version of the SOS-Safety safe app currently available. They are- the free and full version.  The free version only allows adding up to 2 SMS phone numbers and 2 email IDs as the user’s emergency contacts who would receive the SOS alerts.

The full version on the other hand allows adding unlimited SMS and Email emergency contacts. It also sends an audio recording of the situation within the email. The full version allows the user to use the application without advertisements.

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