Hasn't owning a credit-card sized charger for your Smartphone always been your lifelong dream? Well, it seems, your dream has finally come true. Xyra, a Mumbai based startup has been successful in building a credit card sized smart charger for Smartphone batteries called the XS Powercard.

The XS Powercard has been built especially by keeping the feature of portability in mind. It boosts of being one of the thinnest portable chargers available in the market. It can do much more than what a normal portable charger is capable of doing.


The Powercard has a 2200 mAh lithium battery which is capable of 500 charge cycles. It has a single port smart charging feature which is enabled when the XS Powercard is connected to your Phone and a USB port. Its Smart Ergonomic shape ensures that the space above your existing credit cards in your wallet is effectively used to maximize battery capacity while no additional thickness to the wallet.

The cost of single 2000mAh XS Powercard is Rs.2300 or US$39.

The XS powercard is an Indiegogo project and with goal to raise $50,000 managed to get $38,517 only inspite of this the XS Powercard is a success in its users and consumers and creating a good ammount of demand from end users.

The XS Powercard has Tri-Colored LED Battery indictors. The Dim green light indicates that the Powercard’s battery is above 20 percent. On the other hand, the Bright green light means the Powercard has 100 % battery. The Blue light is an indicator of the Powercard charging itself and the red light is of danger which means the Powercard is at 20 percent or below.

The XS Powercard comes power packed with excess features which ensure a great experience to its users. It even gives an option of choosing from 8, 16 or 32 GB data storage. The card is shorter than a credit card and easily fits into the credit card slot of your wallet. It has variable charging rates, through which you can charge your Smartphones faster or slower depending upon your need. It also provides USB syncing through which you can transfer content from your Smartphone and Computer. The XS Powercard provides a standby of upto 150 days. The XS Powercard has built in Protection which protects your phone and XS Powercard from overcharging.


Xyra is a Mumbai based startup founded by three friends Armaan Gandhi, Arzan Irani and Sahej Sethi.


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