A lot of wearable devices are being developed this year right from Google glass, Smart Watches to even Smart Shoes , this time an Indian techie has built a smart cap, although its raw and not fully developed nevertheless needs words of appreciation.

Arvind Sanjeev a techie from India is surely a genius man. This techie from India has invented a raw clone of the much famous Google Glass by making use of Linux and some amount of voice recognition software. The device is powered by Raspberry Pi and is called the Smart Cap.

The Smart Cap is almost similar to Google Glass except the fact that it’s connected to a hat. Sanjeev has been successful in creating this device by making used of off the shelf, commodity components and very little software, which is commendable.

The Smart Cap is clumsy looking and isn’t attractive initially. It is also certainly not the best of all the possible AR headsets too but what makes it different from others is the fact that every component used in the Smart Cap can be cobbled together by hand by anyone and everyone and that too at a very little cost. The power provided by Raspberry Pi to the Smart Cap gives it the strength to work as a wearable computer.

Head mounted displays like this are becoming more and more the flavor of the town these days. These are primarily put to use for navigation, sharing videos, checking notifications etc. Some people still debate on the quintessential use of these head mounted displays. But, nonetheless if you wish to own such displays but are not willing to pay a hefty $1500 just to experience its functionality, then this Smart Cap by Arvin is the way ahead for you.

[caption id="attachment_93940" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Working of the DIY Head Mounted Display Working of the DIY Head Mounted Display[/caption]

The Smart Cap consists of one miniature LCD display in front of one eye and hence can also be called monocular head mounted display. Sanjeev has used an aspheric magnifier lens having 5X magnification in the system in order to cope with the least distance of distinct vision of about 15-25 cm. This makes it possible for the user or wearer to see the screen impeccably at about 5-6 cm from his or her eye. The system has been completely enclosed and insulated from outside light. The next part of the system consists of a normal USB webcam which has been cannibalized just to keep its camera and microphone.

Anyone and everyone can make this Smart Cap by using some easy to find components and a lilt bit of focus.

smart cap

Stuff required to do this project -


  1. Raspberry Pi model B

  2. A USB webcam with an inbuilt mic, I am using one from Iball.

  3. A 2.5″ NTSC/PAL LCD display.

  4. A headphone with mic.

  5. A loupe magnifier with aspheric lens.

  6. Sun board sheets or cardboard sheets.

  7. Fevicol SR glue or equivalent.


  1. Rasbi OS image with Voice Recognition Software.


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