Hollywood movies are now serving as inspirations to young Indian entrepreneurs. Sci-fi movies like Time Machine, Back to Future are inspiring young blood to push their thinking and come up with ideas inspired from the technologies used in these films, like software that responds to human communication or an application capable of receiving messages from the past.

Taking inspiration from one such Hollywood flick Iron Man, two young Indians have come up with ways which will allow users to play the role of Tony Stark aka Iron Man and order their computers to do tasks for them similar to JARVIS in movie Iron Man, J.A.R.V.I.S. (Stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System).

Airocorp formerly known as JARVIS is actually world's first Artificial Intelligence Operating System and a life automation system. It thinks and learns about the user's surroundings, habits and usage patterns and adapts itself according to the needs of each individual user.

Jaipur based Himanshu Vaishnav and Delhi's Chirag Dewan, are two computer science students who are in the midst of developing a basic version of Airocorp (Jarvis), an operating system used in Iron Man. Jarvis in Iron man symbolized a very intelligent system which could access all electronic devices, computers and security locks of the Iron Man.  According to these two young entrepreneurs, their artificial intelligence is capable of changing computing forever.

They have an aim of developing an operating system that would be able to understand a human’s needs and will be capable for performing easy task such as arranging folders or sending e-mails.

According to Chirag, the operating system will be capable of being controlled by gestures and voice. It will further keep evolving with time. Here voice doesn't simply mean the voice commands but instead the user will be able to communicate with the operating system normally like a human being and the OS will respond in natural language. It will be like the user is talking to another human being.

Jarvis is smart, it understands you, it remembers things from past and use them to enhance your experience. It can control any electrical equipment.

Jarvis designed to be evolve with it's user. It can handle the security, power-management, multimedia & your online social life with ease and for professionals, it can create reports, do research and make your life easier. It's up to it's user how to use it. To know more on how this JARVIS works read company's doc.

The duo is currently in the midst of raising funds for their dream project. They have the support of twelve other engineers who have volunteered to work on the project. They are also in touch with angels and VCs in the US.

They had also received an offer from an Indian based Angel investor but the duo ended up rejecting the offer as they are in lookout for an investor who can guide them about business and also understands technology and their vision.

The startups is completely bootstrapped however most recently the Artificial Intelligence startups of India are now being considered by Microsoft Ventures for their home automation accelerator in Seattle, Washington.

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