WelcomeRentals is an online accommodation portal which provides an alternative accommodation to middle class traveler from costly and crowded hotels, where they can feel at home. Started by Sharik Usmani, Ankit Malhotra and Neil Kumar in 2013, the portal provides short and long term accommodation. "At WelcomeRentals the hosts make money, travelers save money and both share their culture. This is what gives immense pleasure", says Sharik.

"We started because out research found out India does not have unique inventories online", says Neil. "There is huge competition in this market for sure, but we are doing it differently with our unique inventory which are not online anywhere else but with us, this is our USP and also our world class customer support team makes us different than others, we provide customer support for both, Host and Travelers on emails and phone calls", added Ankit. A detailed description of the listings, easy to manage platform and unlimited photographs for free makes it different than other.

They plan to launch our mobile apps for owners' admin account, where the users can change their complete listing, edit or delete, upgrade or renew subscriptions. With new modules in process of being added to their existing portal, they plan to attract a lot more users and increase their base. "A cloud based technology platform will make the process faster for the users. We are also introducing Facebook App and programs for corporates", says Sharik. "We have partnered with some travel agents and corporate houses so far and many more partners are in pipeline", added Ankit.

Their current team is based out of Delhi and comprises of 25 experienced sales people, listing experts, SEO experts, PPC experts, Finance expert and technical experts. ‘In the coming two years we have a plan to double our employee count to provide better product and services to our users and see our channel being used by thousands of domestic and international travelers, corporate houses and travel agents to book hassle free budget friendly accommodations online’, says Neil.

When asked for a message for future Entrepreneurs, Sharik said "First of all, have faith in your idea, see what market needs. Make your product user friendly and a perfect market fit." Neil added "Also an entrepreneur needs to be multi tasking to handle the business."


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