Soon there could be as device which would let you type without a keyboard. Airtype project is in its early prototype phase, but when developed completely it will look like a cuff-like device that will attach to the user’s hands and monitor his or her finger movements so as to find out the letter her or she wants to type.

Airtype is a Texas based hardware and machine learning startup which is working on a "keyboardless keyboard" accessory which will allow users to type on any surface for their phone. Though the device is still in its prototype stage, the makers are quite confident that the device wouldn't be any different than typing on a real keyboard.

The device makes the letter the user wants by learning and assessing their finger movements.  The device is very different from the projection keyboards which make use of a virtual keyboard image displayed on a flat surface as it doesn’t have any visual component at all.


According to the makers, Airtype is a keyboard that fits in the palm of your hand.  It is extremely portable as it just sticks onto your tablet. You can take it anywhere, just like your tablet. The device is extremely intelligent too as it comes with an app that brings dynamic text prediction and correction to your typing experience.

The device doesn’t require you to change your typing habits as it is programmed to learn the finger movements that you make to get the letter you want. You just have to type like you type on a regular keyboard and the device will follow your league.

There is no clarity on how the device works, but it will most likely to connect with your device via Bluetooth or NFC since there are no wires visible with the device.

An enthusiastic team of five people is working round the clock to bring the device closer to you. The team consists of Sid-The reamer, Mike-The designer, Ai-The strategist, Zach-The builder and Ben-The architect.  The team is being backed by mentors like Josh Bear, Bob Metcalfe, Ben Dyer, Doug Norton, Shakeel Rashed, Vitorio Miliano and Molly McClurg.
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