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Shashank Tulsyan was frustrated when one of his favorite shows, Dragon Ball Z stopped airing and left the story incomplete. He came up with the idea to watch and download at the same time (also called super streaming). Thus Neembuu was born with their product 'Neembuu Now' for super streaming. The project started in 2008 while Shashank was in first year of his college. He started working full time on it in 2014 along with Davide Pastore (Italian Developer) and Ameya Paseband.

"I did not know much programming and I was just in the first year of my mechanical engineering. I didn't even know if it was possible that I was trying to do. But I thought that I should at least try, I have 4 years before the tensions of real life come and haunt me. In college, all I needed to do was get decent grades, pass and get placed." says Shashank.

While Ameya takes care of the marketing, business development, talking to investors, getting feedback from the users and all non-technical aspects. Davide Pastore develops support for websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc on Neembuu. He is also working on the android version of the software.

"The Watch & Download technology that we have developed was big challenge and took 4 years to be completely developed. In total 6 years have passed in I have been working on this technology. It took 6 years just to make a decent prototype which people can download and try.", says the founder. "The challenges were exceptionally compounded due to the fact that we developed a highly scalable, future proof, Virtual Filesystem technology and Video virtualization technology. This is such a new concept that automatic spell checking software think it is a spelling mistake.", he joked.

YouTube vs Neembuu

What are the advantages of Super Streaming over normal streaming?

  • When user forwards the video, previous buffer doesn't get deleted.

  • When buffers collide they join. All this while the user watches the file as if it was any other file in his hard disk.

  • Super streaming gives flexibility to user to use his favorite media player (VLC, gomplayer, any player they like).

  • Super streaming works on any video format, not just mp4. It works on avi, rmvb, mkv all of them. In fact it is future proof, any new format created in future will also work in this platform.

  • Before downloading a user doesn't know if the content of the video is interesting enough for him to download or not. So the user can always watch the file before completely downloading it.

"We wanted to block YouTube advertisements. There is a no video streamer out there which blocks YouTube advertisements. It either downloads the entire video, or streams the video with ads. Blocking ads is essential because in India, the internet speed is so less that sometimes buffering the content is impossible.", they said. They have successfully tested their software on TV. This allowed them to watch shows without TV advertisements. Using more than 10 technologies like Virtual Filesystem JPfm, Windows Kernel, FUSE on linux, Pismo file mont, libvlc, vuze api for their application they are also making a platform on which video apps can run.

How to use Neembuu Now software to create highly advanced video services with Google Chromecast device ?

Start Neembuu Now uploader, click the big yellow icon, the NeembuuVirtualFolder will open - Find your file which you want to cast to your TV. Copy the filepath of the file. The path typically looks something like this:
C:\Users\Shashank Tulsyan\.neembuu-now\release1\NeembuuVirtualFolder\BigBuckBunny_320x180.mp4

Open this file in chrome. The path will change to look like a URL, something like :

Play the video in chrome itself and cast this Chromecast tab.

Interestingly, Neembuu is also in the process of developing a Neembu TV dongle to compete with Google Chromecast and the world wide ordering of their prototype will start shortly. Shashank mentioned, ‘User have a lot of expectations. They need everything. They are not ready to compromise with anything. Neembuu allows watch & download.

People need power to ONLY download as well. They want Neembuu to support more websites. They want Neembuu on mobile, on their tablets. They want better User Interface. They want better integration with browser. They want unified search, playlists, ability to queue downloads like traditional downloaders. They want us to release the experimental bit torrent version to general public. The demands just don't stop. However it is good input, it shows that people like us for one thing, they want us to do a lot more.’ He recommends the future entrepreneurs to validate before making anything and also to target less features and release more often.

In the first 3 months, there were a 1000 downloads and more than 1TeraByte of data streamed using Neembuu. Their earlier product called Neembuu Uploader (it is just opposite of downloader), does a 1/4 million uploads per month and had 1400% usage growth rate in the last quarter.

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