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India is an important market in the mobile world and it seems Google has finally realized that. On Tuesday, the tech giant announced that its voice search will now support Indian dialects and accents. This will work on the Google Search App for iOS, Android and Chrome browsers for laptops and desktops.

The voice search engine can transliterate the query the user asked in Hindi, as the language option is still limited to English only. Google can now finally correctly answer all the queries of its Indian customers ranging from the cricket scores to the latest movies that one can watch.

Google voice search

According to Sandeep Menon, who is the head of marketing for Google, India, Google’s this moves shows its commitment towards Indian market and how the company is continuously working hard to improve the Indian users’ search experience. According to Menon, the company is extremely happy that now its Indian customers will be able to get all the answers that they need and that too without any glitch or error.

At the announcement, the tech giant also mentioned that in order to accomplish this task, the company had to deploy around 700 volunteers all around India. The company has collected spoken utterances to create the specific language models that power English voice search in the Indian accent.

These volunteers were asked to read popular search queries in a variety of acoustic conditions such as out on a busy street, inside cars and in restaurants, in order to best reflect the real life conditions and the role that search plays in day to day life of users by connect them with relevant information.

The voice search is currently available in iOS devices like iPad and iPhone, Android phones having a version 2.3 or above and Windows computer through Google Chrome browser.

The knowledge graph has also been improved to display more relevant results in order to enhance the voice recognition. The voice recognition engine can understand certain Hindi phrases and words though a native voice search for Indian languages is still not available.

The tech giant has combined voice search with Google Now, which is a feature that displays information cards when demanded by the user, to offer them a smart virtual assistance to which they can order commands.

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