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Are you one of those who is forced to sit at home on weekends as you find it increasingly difficult and lazy to chalk out an evening for yourself? If the answer to this question is yes then Townista has come as a savior for you.

Bangalore based internet startup Townista has a mission of adding the much needed spice into your social life by getting you out of your bedrooms and making you explore your city. Founded by Snehal Nimje and Paras Jain in the last week of May this year, Townista is a Bangalore based startup. Townista helps you to discover amazing restaurants, places, events and recommend activities near to your location. Townista is currently available for Bangalore and nearby location.

There are tones of websites that list experiences, events, activities but they have no credibility to the quality attached with them. With Townista you can discover amazing fun activities which you can easily do in your city.  They have experiences and activities for foodies, creative minds, play enthusiasts, pub-hoppers, outdoor nomads and almost everyone. Townista makes use of smart algorithms to show only those activities that are relevant and amazing for you.

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At Townista, it is believed that each city has something different and unique to offer because of its people and culture. They have an aim of bringing all these unique and different experiences into the lives of its users.

Townista doesn't burden you with an overload of information. It tells you only those activities that are amazing and might interest you. It helps the user to arrive at better decisions faster.

Townista is actually a bootstrapped startup and they have started with a meagre investment of less than 5 lakhs and most of it is being used for content creation and development. The startup has chosen Koramangala, which is the heart of Bangalore as its launchpad. Koramangala gets its uniqueness from its people who come from different parts of the country to settle here.  According to them, if a company can be successful here, it can then be successful in any part of the world.

A user usually spends around eight minutes and visits six pages per session on an average; these are great figures for a startup. These figures are effectively growing with each passing day.

Townista is currently targeting people who are financially independent, experimental and are always searching for better options to spend time with their friends and loved ones.

The services is available free of cost for people who list their products/services with Townista. The company currently earns revenue through ‘featured activity’.

Townista is team of five members, out of which two are IIT Bombay alumni founders and the other three are employees. It also has plans of launching a mobile application soon.

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