txtWeb, which is a global text-based applications platform recently came up with ‘Build Your First App’ feature. If you have an idea, they have all the required skills and tools to make your idea come alive. According to txtWeb, the action is aimed at encouraging people whether working professionals or students from any academic background whatsoever to build their own unique Apps on the platform.

The USP of this ‘Build Your First App’ initiative is that, it even allows people with no prior knowledge or background of coding to turn their App ideas from an idea into a reality.  The mission of the initiative is to broaden the bank of developers available in the market currently and also to make the tedious task of creating an App easier.

The procedure involved is very simple. Any individual with a unique idea has to just simply log onto txtWeb, and then follow some easy instructions and just like that, within some minutes they will be able to create an App which can be consumed by cell phone users all over India. Plus there is a bonus too; people who are successfully able to publish their Apps on the platform by June 15, 2014 will be conferred with special recognition as txtWeb certified developers.

According to Aminish Sharma, Head of Technology, txtWeb, there are many creative and enthusiastic minds out there who are not able to fulfill their dreams due to lack of skills and ‘Build Your First App’ is designed to make their dreams come true.  He further adds that he is looking forward to seeing a variety of innovative apps making their way in the App market through their initiative.

txtWeb the brain behind this initiative is said to be the world’s largest and most popular app store for text-based apps that works across almost every messaging platform. It prides itself on being able to provide information to people with the most basic or simple mobile phones with no data plan or GPRS. The information provided could range from traffic to cricket updates or from local news to weather updates and much more. txtWeb has also won many awards like Aegis Graham Bell Award, Zinnov Award, NASSCOM Innovation Award and mBillionth award 2012 for its outstanding services.

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